Flowers has always been a favorite decoration, and in the house of lords, and house the poor. This is due to the fact that any a flower is a symbol of life and continue living. Only after flowering fruits appear. Therefore, on a subconscious level a person perceives the positive energy of flowers. How not to smile, admiring the beautiful rose in the garden, or how I want to touch the flower, floating on the river past the beautiful lilies.

The huge energy of all life around us. The world is full of exciting smells and flavors. We consciously or unconsciously believe in a miracle. For example, many people buy a toad with money, in order to, rather, to cope with today’s economic crisis. Also keep a money tree, believing in its power to attract wealth. Take a look at some flowers, which, according to the teachings of Feng Shui, will favorably affect the atmosphere of Your home. Can always put your favorite flowers? It is possible to put them on the first floor by the bed or not? To these questions there is a response.

  • Plants with lush, rounded shapes and large flowers indicate power, big capacity, vitality and positivity.
  • Climbing plants along the walls will hide and disguise all the flaws of the room, adding to it a beauty and clean air.
  • Plants with fleshy leaves add to the financial well-being.
  • Careful Feng Shui plants with pointed leaves and needles. Such plants are often poisonous. But for them there is a place in the house. It is recommended to put on the windowsill behind the curtain in the place where rarely family members. These plants deter thieves and enemies.

Flowers in the bedroom

Plants in the house can be placed almost anywhere. However, there is a place where plants don’t bet at all. And this place — the bedroom. Especially not recommended to put flowers by the bed. The fact is that if the day, during photosynthesis plants produce oxygen, then at night this is not happening.

Also in the marital bedroom all attention must be focused on each other, and nothing should distract from the process of love. Strong energy colors can distract the attention of the man, and he will not be able to focus fully on his wife. Also many flowering plants produce essential oils, which can be allergic.

Therefore, to avoid all these negative factors, the ancient teachings advises not to keep in the bedroom and especially the bed, the flowers, even if they are very beautiful, and do you think that will complement the interior of your bedroom. Tips to the Eastern teachings of the wise and tested experience. So do not ignore their recommendations.

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