фимо для дизайна ногтей фотоFimo nail design is a special material that is based on polymer clay, скатанной in rolls. If necessary, they cut into thin slices, and in combination with acrylic or gel they begin to revive. In commercially available and ready sliced figures-fimo (see photo). Fimo are most commonly used to create acrylic nail design. Absolutely amazing song aquarium design you can create extended nails. All the elements as if sealed, creating a three-dimensional image.

фимо дизайн ногтей фото

And to get familiar with the technique of fimo nail design. For a start, put on nails Lac basis. On it using дотса or tweezers to overlap figures-fimo. Please make sure, that they cannot be extended beyond the nail plate. Then nails it is necessary to cover additional layer of varnish to figures were not and were more harmoniously. After applied финиширующий layer of gel. If any elements fimo jut out and spoil manicure, they can be neatly cut polishing. The thinner cut figures, the careful and gentle as it seems design.

маникюр с фруктами фото

Huge popular fimo of fruit.

маникюр фимо фото

маникюр с помощью фимо фото

Such a design is in great demand in the spring and summer. He gives nails freshness, exclusivity and juiciness.

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