According to a famous film: «Every year on December 31, my friends and go to the bath…». If it is to pass on to our lives, we can say that every year with the arrival of winter, a great number of questions – «How to mark the approaching new year?», «What to wear?», «That gift for friends and family?» and «How to save my hair, face and body from the cold?» Perhaps, the solutions with the new issues of the Israeli company Desheli is unlikely to help, but can perfectly help in solving care. And solutions of these are simple enough.

Косметика desheli для зимыThe company Desheli efforts of the largest Israeli laboratory shop E.L.Erman Cosmetics Manufacturing Ltd has created cosmetic on basis of vegetable complex FYTOTIGH, which consists of a peptide Chondricare® IS, diamond микропудры, sprouts iron wood, Alpine rose, apples, argan tree, a grape seed. Natural ingredients complex matched with the expectation of protection and restoration of hair and body skin in winter.

One of the main problems in the winter is peeling of facial skin. In winter our skin needs special cleansing. To help her use the Cleansing mousse for persons from the company Desheli Facial Mousse Cleanser included in this kit Diamond Treasures Face. Tool gently cleans the skin of the face, neck, decollete zone, as well as nutrition micronutrients. Next, use a Daily moisturizer for the face with a sun protection factor. The tool has a moisturizing and soothing effect, and also protects from negative environmental influence. The tool can be used in summer and in winter.

Сухая кожа зимойIn addition peeling, you can often find the problem of dry skin the body and face. To solve it is necessary to choose the right tool for everyday use. For example, body oils of the series Skin Glory from the company Desheli. This tool helps to ensure that a skin with regular use will get a velvety texture and smoothness. Use the tool you need after a shower to clean skin. It is also important to focus on dry patches of skin.

Many people familiar with the problem обветренных hands. Generally, hand care in winter is very important. Use Forever Soft Hand Lotion – lotion-for hands. It is suitable for everyday use, plus it is quite compact. To put it should be quite a bit on clean and dry skin, do not forget the nails and the areas between the fingers. The tool has a moisturizing, softening effect and protects the skin from irritation.

АромаваннаAnd in General, treat your body to a small celebration. Immerse yourself in a warm bath with aromatic oils and sea salt from the set of Skin Glory. Salt for bath with Dead sea minerals helps cleanse the pores and improve blood microcirculation and bath oil Cleopatra has a moisturizing and softening effect. It makes your skin silky and smooth to the touch.

Our hair also receive their portion of misfortunes. On the one hand, many girls neglected wearing a headdress, but in vain. Because of this, you can break the power of the scalp that will eventually lead them to fall out. To solve the electrification of hair use with antistatic effect – Light hair spray after the laying of the series Brilliant Hair from the company Desheli. It will keep your hair all day, and will also retain its color and volume. Can be paired with him to use a Brilliant light spray, which should be applied before installation. Hair answer you Shine, smoothness and obedience.

If you have any questions, you can ask them directly the specialists of the company Desheli. For this you can use the official company site or call 8-800-505-1-505. Sign up for a free presentation and be beautiful at any time of the year!

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