Perfume is not just a transparent liquid-filled flavor, that’s the style, charm, an essential component of the elegance and attractiveness of a person. After all, perfectly selected fragrance adds to the overall image of magnificence and charm. Using smell it is possible to change the Wellness and heighten the emotional state of mind. The fragrance strength is the power that can change a lot in yourself and your worldview. It is therefore very important to find your own unique original flavor that will delight every day.

Your attention is some fashionable fragrances 2017:

  • Trendy, provocative and extremely feminine fragrance Euphoria Deep pleased fresh flower arrangement. These perfumes from Calvin Klein was created in 2016, but does not lose its popularity. Deep Euphoria represent one of the variations already loved by all the Euphoria perfume, the fashion house released in 2005, but it should be noted that the fragrance has its own special flavor, very fresh floral scent with an air shipovymi accents. Top notes of the fragrance are Mandarin and white pepper; the main Central part was floral, and complement the composition a musky and woody aromas with a touch of patchouli.
  • Perfume Eupho L Extase Rose Absolue released in 2017 and are sensual fragrance from Nina Richie, which will help to plunge into the atmosphere of a warm Parisian night, where all dreams become reality and life seems to be in bright colors. They combine Oriental floral fragrance, where it first reveals top notes of pink and black pepper, then felt the freshness of cedar and Thai roses and is complemented by a whole bunch of sweet, alluring and tart notes of the base composed of benzoin, vanilla and patchouli.
  • In Joy j’adore by Christian Dior this fragrance, especially appeal to those who liked already well tested from 1999 classic Jadore, but not against to experiment and try something fresh and new, because the novelty of 2017 complemented by spicy and delicate notes of sea salt that elegantly intersect with the heart notes: Jasmine, ylang-ylang and neroli, and this completes the combination of sweet and delicate base note of peach.

Deserves attention and can conquer its originality flower smell L’ange Noir by Givenchy, top notes which is a harmonious fusion of pink pepper, almond and bergamot. Heart note scents of white iris and sesame, and the base – the smell of ambergris.

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