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Mode exists at all, even on a daily washing. This is especially noticeable now, in the era of global Internet beauty boom. As only one end of the planet with the feeling that another revolutionary idea cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition and rejuvenation, so at the other end of a planet it picked up and in the mass, that is the beauty blogs suffered.

So well-known principle «all ran and I ran,» in achieving purity and youth of the skin may even be stronger than the prevailing fashion, unless of course it’s not the things of the fashion store Shopart.

Erno Laszlo or oil soap plus

Erno Laszlo, the world-renowned beauty expert or promoted to the full namesake of the same brand of cosmetic products, offers wash not only in the mornings and evenings, but also in several stages. For the beginning we recommend that you remove makeup, if, of course, there is the special tool, then to completely dry skin, apply a special oil massage and rinse soap.

Soaps should wash in two stages: first pour in enough hot water in the sink and make 20-30 «сплешей», that is 20-30 times wash my face in a near-boiling water, and then 10 times rinse your face with lukewarm water from the tap. All this, of course, encouraged to use the above mentioned brands.

However, no one bothers to replace brand oil from Erno Laszlo any vegetable, and brand soap is the most common. Last, not quite to unconfirmed data, there should be no glycerin. Soap can cook by yourself, then you any forums mylovarov in aid, butter, you can use one type or mixture and/or with the addition of the ethers.

Instead отдраивать sink from oil and soap plaque, it is recommended to purchase a plastic bowl for food products, which fit your sink. Plastic is much easier to clean porcelain and enamel.

The Japanese system of washing oil, gel and мордосетка

Asian way of washing much easier for the above but much замысловатей. Here, we offered to first remove and wash off the makeup hydrophilic oil, then beat the face wash for special net, and then lower the person into the foamy mass поелозить there the whole surface of the face and wash off with water.

Grid whipping foam we already dubbed мордосеткой and learned to do from net bast wisp for the soul, and for a homemade hydrophilic oil fact was not.

Towels with the effect of microdermabrasion and cleansing balm

And another trendy way to diversify your beauty routine. You will need a small towel or even a napkin, and thick oil balm. The towel should not easy, and with the effect of microdermabrasion, balm must be really thick to spoon it certainly was standing (although this is not necessary).

The vaunted magic полотенчики very reminiscent of our wafer or Terry Ivanovo, and икеевские Terry napkins. Dense same balm is usually made from a mixture of all of the same vegetable oil with beeswax and the same esters. Castor oil mixed with olive, as the video below, also gives a similar effect.

To enjoy a cleansing with полотенчиком (towel cloth, cloth…), we must first, right over the top of cosmetics, generously butter up and massage face balm, then soak a towel in hot water, as it should be overcome and apply to face. It is believed that at this time, the oil penetrates the pores and dissolves their contents. The procedure can be repeated several times. Then all the same полотенчиком-cloth (the other party), massage face to acquire the effect of microdermabrasion and peel it from cosmetics and dirt. This purification procedure can be completed, or if you have a skin is already quite thick, wash my usual way, you can and using the famous Japanese мордосетки.

As you can see all three ways to represent a connection to the oil cleansing with soap, i.e. the first oil dissolve the contents of our distressful day, and then it вымываем. The approaches are different, but the principle one.

Possible contraindications, particularly allergic reactions.

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