Модные мужские ароматы весна-лето 2014Men consider the importance of using fashionable perfume, no less than women. The latter, incidentally, is also not unimportant, what flavor comes from their men.

Moreover, many of the women buying men’s perfume as a gift, are guided, first of all, on their olfactory preferences.

In the spring and summer of next year will have a lot of fashionable men’s fragrances of the previous seasons. And for good reason.


In this perfume conceals concentrated modern casual men’s fashion. He has reserved and classical influences, but is naturally luxurious. The initial pulse is full of daring and sexual chord of the Tanzanian ginger, base notes of strong and resolute chord Virginia juniper. Also there are notes of iris. All this filling gives the composition sophistication, with parallel transparency.


1988 was the year of birth of the fragrance. Its uniqueness is proven by the fact that, until now, the demand is great enough. The man, from which comes the flavor FAHRENHEIT, is a supporter of all new, for it does not exist any rules. Always be a pioneer for such men a vital necessity. In initial note perfume «sounds» Mandarin orange, bergamot, cedar. The «heart» of perfume filled with honeysuckle, cloves and nutmeg. In a basis of base included patchouli, hawthorn and vetiver.



This fragrance is endowed with the breath of free hovering flight and the triumph of sport victories. Predatory essence and sexuality were also the aura of this charming male perfume. Fresh aroma borders with sensuality and breathing the sea breeze. The dynamism of the initial citrus notes combined with the crystal-clear water, which is filled with aldegidnymi fluids. Through saturated with the aroma of warm, changeable and mystical basis, provided pepper, neroli and Atlas cedar wood. As a «reliable rear» was the use of bus sensual notes of vetiver, amber sexual and искушающего musk.

Of course, this is not a complete list of all fashionable next year male perfume. A General criterion for the choice of the spring-summer of options would be the presence in the fragrance notes dynamic, unbridled energy, and, of course, attractive male sexuality.

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