In the figurative sense of the word «fight» assumes to defend its position by identifying advantages. What positive side of the two main types of women’s jewelry: jewelry? Let’s try to answer this question, remembering the story of their rivalry.

Большие камни в украшенияхLet’s imagine ourselves in the age of Enlightenment, in the period of, on the one hand, the heyday of the new science and morality, and with another – abundance of jewelry. In the beginning of this period in the history of popular with large stones, especially diamonds. But not every woman can afford to decorate a thing jewels, and, therefore, along with new developments in the social life and art it’s time bijouterie. There appeared high-quality crystals, and worked to perfection glass was used instead of precious stones. Inexpensive materials gave freedom of creative innovation and excluded risky and prohibitively expensive experiments with precious stones. Costume jewelry started to be regarded as art.

At the same time, jewelry or jewellery is the object of General admiration and absolute perception of their values regardless of the time. Precious stones dazzle its natural beauty. But diamond less than one carat is often not serve to complete the bright image of women as due to the lack of high artistic performance products in General, and its small size.

ДрагоценностиJewelry is a classic, having, however, the properties of constraint and monotony style of decoration. Costume jewelry is the space for creativity in creating bright, fashionable and ever-changing image. For example, consider the online store jewelry, which offers unusual jewelry using semi-precious stones and crystals Swarovski.

Elite bijouterie presented in the Internet-shop, combines features of antique jewelry and at the same time is characterized by a high style and fashion. Exclusive and highly artistic performance of these ornaments manifests itself in a variety of collections of jewelry in different styles. There is even a decoration, permeated with the theme selected from religious artifacts of the Vatican Library. Imagine Vatican Library in your wardrobe. This is unusual, creative and bright!

Винтажная бижутерияBut that’s not all features of this jewelry store. Online boutique of vintage jewelry (apart from the modern costume jewelry, vintage) has the ability to offer for all comers decoration with a long history – that is actually the best vintage jewelry. Everyone knows that vintage jewelry characterized by a high level of artistic performance and are the fashion trend of our time.

So, what prevailed in your opinion? Costume jewellery, which is able to create bright and fashionable image, or the jewels with property to remain in the framework of classical and trivial style? The choice is yours. But do not be afraid to be bright, stylish and trendy! Show creativity in its image, and remember that the accessory you can transform beyond recognition, highlight your best features and make you irresistible.

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