In cold season it is important that the accessories were not only fashionable but warm. Autumn-winter period can not do without gloves. Wear hats prefer not all women, but with gloves situation is opposite. Gloves complete the image, can be a bright accent of your appearance. Even the evening gown can be diluted with gloves.

Long gloves

Длинные перчатки 2014In the season 2014 designers offer a huge number of options that are suitable for an evening dress, and a bold image. Long gloves create a feminine romantic image. This variant can be adorned with bracelets of gold. They are as narrow throughout the length and extending to the elbow. The longer, the more they look stylish. It may not be the most practical option, but look elegant and chic. Long gloves can be made of velvet, leather and knitted and tracery.

Gloves made of smooth leather make the image of women brave and determined. Velvet, on the contrary, create a cosiness and beauty. Designers also prefer suede gloves, which are made not only in black, but in such as shades of brown, beige, Burgundy and purple. The peak of fashion is a combination of smooth leather with suede or lacquered inserts. Рокерским option would gloves reptile leather and patent leather, decorated with rivets or thorns. Gloves, decorated with fur, create a cosiness and warmth. Long gloves does not necessarily wear the entire length of the arm, you can dip into pleats. From the top you can wear a ring or a bracelet.

Short gloves

Короткие перчатки 2014Shortened women gloves have not lost their relevance. Their length usually up to the wrist. On top of such gloves many designers recommend wearing massive bracelets, which are visually will be a continuation of short gloves. It looks stylish, fashionable and glamorous. Additional elements of gloves can become crystals, stones, buttons, chains and much more.

In the season 2014 attention of women proposed a completely new version of gloves, with minimal length, covering only the fingers. These gloves can be made of leather and velvet. The second option is perfect for an evening dress. Fur gloves, mittens, as nothing more suitable for harsh winter frost.

A huge number of options, just have to decide which one is best for you.

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