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идеальный макияж для увеличения глазUndoubtedly, without exception, all the ladies want to have regular features and large expressive eyes. One are lucky by nature, while others may resort to a little trickery. Using normal cosmetic products and tools that will always find a place even in a small women’s purse, you can create the perfect makeup to enlarge eyes.

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To solve this problem in two ways, each of which directly depends on how long and strong is a natural free edge of the nail plate, because it is by turns spectacularly failed to correct the nail bed visually giving it a different form. For some reason… Read More →

In fact, in this task, nothing complicated and supernatural, and knowing a few simple details will help to deal with it on hurrah, even a novice master. And the first thing you need for learning how to correctly apply the pigment on the nails, —… Read More →

Manicure must be done in order to emphasize their individuality, become more expressive, to make the image solid. The maximum length of the nails in this case, select a woman on my own, but it is necessary to consider fashion trends. What the length increase the nails what manicure… Read More →

Usually such symptoms develops on the background of producing mechanical injury due to entrapment, impact or even crash of foreign objects. And if, after the injury suddenly turned black, the base of the nail, there is no need to let the situation slide in the hope that black gradually sestet together… Read More →

Shellac appeared on the market of goods and services is relatively recent, but despite this fact, this material has already become super-popular, pushing far into the background once fashionable adding gel and acrylic polymers. To work with this polymer is a pleasure, because although… Read More →

But men’s nail Polish is not just a trend, but a wonderful tool for self-care, which is available in quite a wide palette, offering not only risky design options for the most creative and bold but rigorous classics, always… Read More →

Beautiful well-groomed hands is an important part of the image of every woman. So they remained still and healthy, you need to figure out how often you can paint your nails with gel Polish. Knowing how often to paint her nails, the girl will be able in time to give your fingers a rest from all coatings and… Read More →

Accretion of the nail plate takes a few minutes in that case, if we use the special auxiliary elements with which the simulation becomes even the novice and most often we are talking about tips (false nails, truncated on the middle line) or special paper forms for… Read More →

The perfect manicure does not involve grooming long nail plates and lately in fashion low-key and neat design. How to paint short nails and suitable for this dark or very bright, saturated lucky? What color is better to paint a short… Read More →