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Escada spring-summer 2014 (Resort)

Images of the new collection Escada Resort 2014 were very gentle and romantic. Shuttlecocks on skirts and blouses, dresses and transparent fabric – it all adds to the image of femininity and sensuality. But there are in the collection and business strict kits – elegant trousers, trendy jackets and jackets. Color – black and white ornaments and mint, vanilla shades. Photo collection Escada […] Read More →

Nail design «cherry»

Дизайн ногтей Refresh image can easily funny manicure, such as nail design cherry. Its very easy to do, focusing on the photo, but it looks very fresh and nice. For this, you need lacquer three colors: white, green and red. The first thing накрасьте… Read More →

Wedding hairstyles for long hair - a variety of images for the bride

свадебные прически для длинных волосWedding is the most important event in the life of each woman who tries to make its image of the bride unforgettable. The choice of dresses and hairstyles for special attention, as it will be glued views of the guests throughout the day, and they will remain memorable photos for the family album. You cannot deny one features: for the wedding, many girls are trying to grow their hair them to create a beautiful hairdo. Course short haircuts possible to make a stylish stacking for this celebration, but it was long hair and give brides, and stylists, scope for creativity. Wedding hairstyles for long hair always look especially effectively and feminine.


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Natural nail design

Дизайн натуральных ногтейThat beautifully manicured and painted nails are the real adornment of a woman known for a long time. The decoration and design of natural nails is an art, which is called by the name of nail art, which is also subject to the influence of fashion trends. In addition, each year is characterized by its colors,… Read More →

Nail design «Abstraction»

Дизайн ногтей Design of nails to create abstract paintings are limitless options, the main thing here is the successful combination of colors and forms of a drawing. Imagine technique one simple option that can be easily performed using a needle. The creation of such a picture of the house need about 30 minutes of free… Read More →

Spit 2013 - fashion solution of the year

косы 2013Spit in Vogue for a long time. First gently, then more and more massively, until finally they conquered the hearts of even the opponents of these «плетенок», having replaced the smooth beams and traditional pony tail. Braids are all, therefore, stylists are constantly inventing new ways of weaving their. Spit 2013 differ in a variety of forms and creativity, they are combined with beams, tails and flowing hair. They are made as a very long and medium length haircuts, become part of the Bohemian chic and even elegant business style.


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Lanvin spring-summer 2014 (Resort)

New cruise collection Lanvin the season 2014 was elegant and very feminine. Creative designer of the fashion house Alber Elbaz this time created the image of luxury women, which is surrounded by abundant and loves extravagant solutions for your wardrobe. In the collection Lanvin many elegant dresses and Trouser suits, massive jewelry and expensive finishing. New cruise collection Lanvin season […] Read More →

Stained glass nail design

Витражный дизайн ногтейStained glass nail design can be absolutely any color, combined with acrylic painting, contain mica or pieces of foil. The main thing is that the tip of the accreted nail shone the sun, creating the illusion of a beautiful stained glass. This design does not impose strict requirements as to the form of the nail. Owner… Read More →

Hairstyles for young people 2013 - will not be boring

прически для молодежи 2013What hairstyles elects young people? The most different, the main thing is that they were boring and emphasized the individuality. Hairstyles for young people 2013 bold, romantic, feminine, playful, simple to build and difficult to repeat. Never be bored there, you just choose your style.


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Design for short nails

Дизайн коротких ногтейA technique of painting on the nails offers the following types of design that even short nails will look well-groomed and very beautiful. Design for short nails can be done on the basis of the gel and acrylic nails to breaking and were of the same shape and length. Beautiful design… Read More →