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Earlier I also didn't know what shape should be nails!

Well-groomed and beautiful nails attract views and admiration. To answer the question, what exactly should be the nail form, definitely not be. All people are suitable customized various forms of nails. It is worth noting that sometimes, the girls blindly follow the fashion and not pay attention to the fact that some form of nail Read More →

How to make money on the nail extension: secrets

Nail extension and design is now so popular that many young ladies to take short-term courses on this kind of activity only to carry out this procedure for yourself beloved home. Almost every second armed with a certificate of conformity and the beginning of the experiment… Read More →

The idea of a French manicure points: try it for yourself!

In all cabins there is a service of the French manicure. It is this manicure – light pink or transparent with a white outline the end of the nail is the most popular for a few years already. There are two types of applying the French manicure – using stickers and brush…. Read More →

What tool is most effective from the grooves on the nails?

Nail condition – an indicator of the health of the organism. People suffering from deficiency of microelements and vitamins, with wellfunctioning internal organs, usually there are no problems with the appearance of the nail. Many women faced with unpleasant inclusions on the surface of the nail plate – transverse and longitudinal grooves on the nails. Read More →

Manicure Housewives: what should it be?

Speaking about the manicure for Housewives, must decide who is considered to be a housewife. This word is called and the woman, who has three children, and a person living under the auspices of the secured her husband or loved one. If one of them, have a whole day something to wash, clean… Read More →

Manicure on short nails can be stylish!

For two years, in the field of nail design a stable leader manicure on long nails. But the latest trends in fashion show that long «claws» gradually losing out before manicure on short nails. Occupying a leading position in the industry nail fashion, for several years, long nails all begin gradually leave in history. Not Read More →

Кракелирование nails: tips on image

Recently, nail art confidently went beyond good skill and is rapidly approaching the field of pure art. Borrowed not only genres and images, but also the basic methodology of different application areas. The trend of fashion in nail design method borrowed from… Read More →

The easiest manicure: ideas for beginners

Manicure in our days already for a long time is not a luxury but a necessity. It is known that professional manicure is not cheap. However, doing good manicure one can learn a beginner, saving time and money. Beautiful well-groomed hands – is the key to personal success of each person,… Read More →

13 simple hairstyles that do not require you blow-dry

простые прически, не требующие сушки феномFast hair styling – the best option for everyday routine, and also in the situation when you are in a hurry for a specific event. So simple hairstyles, not requiring blow-drying, will be very useful, and can afford each girl.


Read More →

How to do massage of hands?

The skin of the hands on a par with the neck is the main traitor women, telling the others about her real age. Being exposed to numerous influences of the environment, hands need careful maintenance and rehabilitation. One of the most safe and affordable methods of hand care rightly… Read More →

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