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If exfoliate nails: top 5 useful tips

Treatment exfoliating nails need to conduct integrated approach to care for your hands and take a complex of vitamins and minerals. There are several ways that help improve the nails and the lead hand in order. If the nails are constantly breaking and splitting that does not allow for a manicure and… Read More →

What tool will help, if the nails are turning yellow?

Healthy and well-groomed nails is the pride of any girl. Therefore, it is very frustrating when something happens for no apparent reason. In this paper, we describe why yellow nails and how to deal with this nuisance. There are a number of reasons why… Read More →

Much exfoliate fingernails: what to do?

Many women are concerned with the state of nails. The most common cause for excitement – stratification of the nail plates. Actually, that exfoliate fingernails, is not only a cosmetic problem, but a signal failure in the body. On Аюверде, brittle weak nails… Read More →

Acrylic nail design: bright ideas for all occasions

акриловый дизайн ногтейFor the majority of modern women, hand care – is the same habitual and necessary procedure as, say, brushing teeth or washing. Even those whose natural nails leave much to be desired, can have a great manicure thanks treatment capacity. A spectacular acrylic nail design allows you to create your fingertips real masterpieces – bright and unforgettable.


Read More →

How do planar molding on nails: advice of experienced craftsmen

Modern fashionable women finding new ways to Express their individuality, one of which is a nail design. In the nails modeling used different methods of decoration, including two-dimensional modeling. Most often molding on the nails used to create a wedding or a solemn design… Read More →

How to put pictures on the nails in the home: a manual for beginners

Every day nail art, art image on the nails of different patterns and drawings, is becoming more popular. Contrary to popular belief, it is available not only to professionals. Any girl can make a unique pattern on your nails. This needs only a little practice and… Read More →

Long-term styling: the perfect hairstyle every day

There are fortunate enough to spend a hair brush to look attractive. But most women need to make efforts to create a beautiful hairdo. Those who bothers daily spending hours in front of a mirror, suitable carving – long-term styling is quite popular salon procedure. What is carving In fact, carving hair is just the Read More →

Look healthy nails: 5 main characteristics

Healthy and beautiful nails is a sign of good General health. Their ill kind, on the contrary, can speak as about the absence of vitamins and certain diseases such as diabetes. Knowing how to look healthy nails, you can monitor their status… Read More →

Ange ou Demon - charming fantasy perfume

Angel or demon? – this question is engraved on the stylish conical vial with sharp edges, which a few years in a row adorns the shelves of perfume boutiques. Every woman who pays attention to him, herself makes the choice in favor of their angelic or demonic character. In the toilet water Ange ou Démon Read More →

Design nail varnish: materials needed

Hands – one of the most vivid indicators of the well-groomed every woman. They should be soft, with perfect silky skin, and, of course, with a perfectly made a manicure. Nails must be carefully filed down, have a beautiful form suitable to the shape of the finger. However, this is just the basic requirements match Read More →

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