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What happens with nails after the building: the harm of procedure

The desire to be loved, cherished and an object of admiration of course for any of the fair sex. Of course, in achieving this goal important role to play, as many believe, attractive appearance. When this is hardly on the earth one woman, natural data. Read More →

Modern nail gel VS acrylic

Having made a decision to increase your nails, first of all I would like to know what materials are used for building nails. The most common materials is gel and acrylic. Which of these materials is more reliable and safer? Nowadays there are a number of technologies and… Read More →

How to cut your nails properly: in what day and what time?

In ancient Egypt, women took care of the nails and even colored them. In those days, of course did not exist modern varnishes, but henna perfectly substituted for them. Beauties knew that cut the nails should be careful not to damage the skin. Since ancient times, it was believed that the condition and appearance of Read More →

New year's nail design: festive mood

новогодний дизайн ногтейNew year is one of the most beautiful holidays, parties, friendly meetings, gatherings and corporate events. These days you can afford the bright and daring outfits, most creative hairstyles, most frivolous behavior. A festive new year’s nail design will serve as an excellent addition to any image.


Read More →

Nail home: the pros and cons of the procedure

Beautiful, long nails always look stylish and seductive. That is why today it is practically impossible to imagine a modern girl without manicure, besides, today you can easily extend nails and at home. In just a few hours you can get a beautiful nails should appeal for help to the master of manicure. Of course, Read More →

Top 10 most high-quality nail Polish!

Aiming to be the best and perfect beauty, a woman uses many exquisite cosmetic products. Among them – lipsticks. Perfect lacquer is a favorite varnish! As well as high-quality, stylish, inexpensive. The ability to choose the means for nails and use them with great… Read More →

How to increase your nails with Biogel: simple tricks

There are three main material used for nail acrylic, Biogel and normal gel. Biogel is the most expensive material, but its properties and impact on natural nails fully justify its price. Many women simply can not exist without… Read More →

As extend their nails with forms authentication?

Just a few years ago accrued nails were considered exotic, and the procedure was performed only in the salons and the cost is very expensive. Today every girl can master this technology, how to extend their nails at home. Before we talk about how to build up your nails on forms,… Read More →

Full set: when will need correction?

In pursuit of beauty, women are able to change its image completely. In our time, a particularly popular in the procedure of building and design of nails. After all, beautiful and well-groomed hands will never go out of fashion. To become more beautiful and more desirable, women go to… Read More →

Matt nails: the advantages and disadvantages of manicure

Glossy nails looks glamorous. He immediately attracts a manicure. Sometimes even outweighs the rest of the makeup, and he involuntarily only look at the hands. Matt nails are not such striking in this respect. On the other hand, the hand with such a manicure looks much better groomed and noble. The nails become apparent form Read More →

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