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Nail piercing at home: is it possible?

Today the industry of nail service offers a lot of ideas that can make the image of a stylish and memorable. One of the most popular directions – nail piercing, such detail precisely will not remain unnoticed. Nail piercing is a procedure in which a grown part of the nail… Read More →

Nail design-in Egyptian style: to whom do they fit?

Ladies all over the world have turned their eyes towards the mysterious Egypt. Still, ethnic motifs of this country, in all the colors of playing well polished ноготках women, become a real trend. In the classic version of nail design-in Egyptian style involves the use of saturated terracotta,… Read More →

How to make a quick manicure: professionals reveal map

Well-groomed nails have become an indispensable attribute of the image of the modern woman. Not always possible to put in order the hands of an expert. Sometimes you have to do all the work independently and within a short time. Nobody says that fast and beautiful manicure succeed at the first attempt…. Read More →

Why all want to try new pedicure fish?

In essence, pedicure is very useful, but not entirely pleasant procedure. It is connected with a number of factors, the main of which is the professionalism of masters. Much nicer new pedicure using fish. Pedicure is a procedure which is performed in beauty salons. The essence of this procedure is to remove the keratinized skin Read More →

Professional nail care at home is real!

Not necessarily attend expensive salons to maintain a neat appearance of the nails on a professional level. Taking advice from the masters, you can master the simple art of care. First of all, you must understand a simple truth – nail care must be regular. Much easier to maintain the health of the nail… Read More →

Proper nail care: what do you need?

One of the important components of a beautiful woman is a well-groomed hands. However, not all have the opportunity to visit a beauty salon, therefore, there are remarkable types of manicure, which you can do yourself. One of the important components of the image of women are beautiful hands…. Read More →

As you know, can pregnant do shellac?

In any age and in any circumstances a woman wants to be beautiful and well-groomed. Usually it is not limited to hair and make-up – nail condition too rarely remains without attention. This is not surprising because qualitatively made manicure not only aesthetically pleasing looks, but which may become a «visiting card» ladies, demonstrating the Read More →

What manicure like men?

When a woman preen, she always thinks about, like whether beloved man in appearance. Therefore, many girls so important to know how men react even to the little things in appearance, for example, for a manicure. So, what manicure appeal to men? First, many guys don’t like too long fingernails. Girls cannot understand, but representatives Read More →

How to apply the calcium to strengthen nails?

Beautiful, healthy nails are very important. Looking at their appearance can put a tentative diagnosis of the person not only with the overall physical health, but mental. For example, bitten nails point not only to the habit. In 50% of cases of saying… Read More →

How to make nail correction: tips from professionals

If a few years ago graft nails were considered a novelty, today every second woman uses this kind of manicure to her hands always look attractive and well-groomed. Today gel or актриловые nails grow in just a couple of hours in any beauty, and is a cosmetic procedure is relatively inexpensive compared with previous years. Read More →

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