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Clinique cosmetics: success in a pure form

косметика CliniqueReputation, which has American brand Clinique, achieve for decades. Cosmetics of this brand is very popular due to the high profile advertising campaigns and attracting well-known names. The secret of success is as the cosmetics, which is proved repeatedly and not subject to doubt. Clinique cosmetics was saving for many women, who unsuccessfully tried to find means on care of my problem-prone skin.


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As the build up your nails: councils skilled

Currently nail gaining popularity. And this is not surprising because any girl dreams to have long, beautiful, manicured nails. For those women whom nature has not presented such nails, they are stackable and is a true godsend. However, not all… Read More →

How to make nails for the New year?

To the new year’s party to be the most irresistible, you should think in advance of his image. Find a beautiful dress, shoes, accessories, think of hairstyle and new year’s nail design. Fashion nails will be the most important accessory for the new year together. You don’t have to go to the salon… Read More →

Chanel cosmetics: in the footsteps of legends

косметика ШанельName Chanel is connected with a fashion as closely as probably no other. But not only with fashion, because, unlike many of the other houses, producing a collection of Haute couture and pret-a-porter, Chanel launches and cosmetics, which have today considers it an honor to any woman. And let it has a curative effect, solving the problems of the skin, which in our stressful time enough. Chanel cosmetics of high quality, but for many it is just a name, legend, encased in a stylish uncluttered packaging with two crossed letters «C».


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Ideas for pictures on the black nails and stylish

Beautiful well-groomed hands look very beautiful. On the hand, you can determine the age of the woman and her inner world. Therefore it is very important to take care of your hands, keep the nails in the order, and, of course, to decorate them. In the modern world there are more and more opportunities. Manufacturers Read More →

Types of manicure: choose what suits you best!

Beautiful well – groomed hands is very important for any woman, no matter housewife she or business lady. the skin of the hands should always be gentle, nails, nicely decorated and painted, then these pens will attract the attention of all men. Manicure undoubtedly complement the hands of any woman, the main thing that it Read More →

Correction nails - work above mistakes and cosmetic need

коррекция наращенных ногтейHaving once nail artificial materials, must be morally and financially prepare for what will always have access to the master to correct forms. It is not only, if you травмируете nail and violate its form. Your nail plate is in the process of continuous growth, therefore artificial tip gradually extended, exposing the base of the nail. This is not only ugly, but also dangerous, so the correction of extended nails – the procedure is necessary, and postpone it for a long time should not be. As not worth trying to fix the situation yourself.


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Kenzo spring-summer 2014 (+44 photo)

At the fashion week in Paris was presented a new collection of Kenzo spring-summer 2014. This time the collection has turned out not commercial – after all, such things are hard to sell, but they are very original. Conceptual geometrical forms, the game with a silhouette, a patch on the pants, a black-and-white minimalist show can be described as the collection of Kenzo. The highlight of the collection became the print resembling a hatch […] Read More →

Want to draw a line smile on your nails?

The smile on nails (in other words – French manicure) looks impressive, but it is restrained and elegant. For the professionals of this type of manicure – lesson easy. But the fans will just have to learn the skill. The smile on the nails does not lose its popularity, even… Read More →

Simple hairstyles - if there is not enough time

You have beautiful long hair, that wonderfully look when you wear them loose over her shoulders. In seconds they can collect on the back of the head. But come summer, and in hot days you not once visited the idea does not make short haircut to make you cooler. For those who value their hair, Read More →

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