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Design nail varnish: materials needed

Hands – one of the most vivid indicators of the well-groomed every woman. They should be soft, with perfect silky skin, and, of course, with a perfectly made a manicure. Nails must be carefully filed down, have a beautiful form suitable to the shape of the finger. However, this is just the basic requirements match Read More →


Of course, every girl wants to look beautiful and attractive, and to achieve this without a good manicure almost impossible. That is why it is so important to know how to draw a cute cat on the nails. Preparations for the establishment of manicure so, before you begin to create the cat on ноготках,… Read More →

Cosmetics Givenchy: prism effect

косметика GivenchyFrench fashion house Givenchy works 1952 and all this time, thanks to such muzam designer Hubert de Givenchy as Audrey Hepburn, the brand’s style is the embodiment of the highest quality, French chic. Later he became manifest itself not only in clothing and accessories, and cosmetics Givenchy saturated with them. She became one of the most recognizable brands in the industry of beauty through the design of the package with the same letter G and its cult «prisms» – fours shadows, powder and other means.


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Nail design «aquarium»: how do at home?

Holders of long nails understands how difficult it is to care for them. That is why they are so wonderful and look. This article is about nail design aquarium. How to make such beauty in the home? The first thing to say is that, aquarium design is durable. All this is due to the elements Read More →

Private masters of nail service: how to avoid troubles?

In our age of looking good is important. But sometimes quite difficult, as some innovations are not suited for the price, and the standards for all grow. Nail service is not an exception. Hands it is important to include in the neat, because they are paying attention almost more often. And here before man choices, Read More →

Hugo Boss perfume: the aroma of confidence

духи Hugo BossGerman mark Hugo Boss is a symbol of elegance and style of business men, despite the fact that the products of this brand are produced and women. The same thing happens with the perfume of this company. Hugo Boss perfume exist for him and for her, but a very large number of consumers, this brand is a manufacturer of men’s cosmetics with a true маскулинным character. Maybe it’s in a name?


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Lancome Hypnose - hypnotic passion

Lancome HypnosePerfumery products has a different effect. It can awaken the desire to excite, but also calm, charming, lull. Some fragrances-profile names, for which, however, remains a mystery and desire as soon as possible to discover all of his notes. Lancome Hypnose just a fragrance. He has a hypnotic effect, the stupefying effect, which some flow into the sensual trance, while others simply do not withstand the onslaught of his vanilla chords.


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Designs short nails: simple winning patterns

For girls manicure is not just a way of self-expression or a flight of fancy, it is a unique opportunity to have a beautiful and well-groomed hands are sure everyone will pay attention to. What should we do with short nails? Not everyone is given by nature to have long and healthy nail plates, so Read More →

Your perfect French manicure nails at home

Collection of varnishes for a French manicure was released 1976 Jeff Kick, the founder of the company ORLY. The first issue nails in this style became Hollywood Actresses. It fits almost any outfit and looks stylish. First French manicure performed in the discreet style -… Read More →

Cosmetics Letual - star shopping

косметика ЛетуальEvery woman in Russia is well aware that a cosmetics Letual. Shops selling perfumes and cosmetics lot – enough to be procured in them close to home, and at the best price. But the network «L’etoile» few people shy away from, because on the shelves of its stores always find everything you need any woman. And even a little more.


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