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Haircut «Kare» - the progenitor of trendy hairstyles (125 photos)

стрижка кареHaircut caret been known since ancient times. If you believe the petroglyphs of this hairstyle was of Queen Cleopatra. In the twentieth century the caret was given a second life. In the 1920s, in the era of jazz, this stylish and elegant haircut again became fashionable to more of her not to go. Modern variations of the caret look glamorous, but are relevant not only on the carpet, but in everyday life, because this hairstyle combines the convenience of a short haircut and beauty with the long hair. Another substantial advantage of the caret is that this haircut practically does not require installation.


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Learn how to draw roses on nails!

Any figure on the nails can make usual manicure is a work of art. With sufficient training you can learn to paint everything that I pleased. Professional masters can create images of nature, to paint portraits, apply abstract painting and folk motifs. … Read More →

Pick the perfect manicure to a black dress!

Certainly, every time a woman wears a dress in classic black, she thought to what manicure approaches him. Do not assume that the only option is the same black nails. In fact, there is a huge selection of different options on how to… Read More →

Pageboy haircut - mask ears

стрижка пажAbout pageboy haircut say not as often as the pixie or the bean, but, nevertheless, this short continues to attract the women who donate their hair in her power with clear, but the soft outlines. Many do not represent how the haircut, but only because its popularization in our days is not as compelling as the classic four of a kind – the well-known, but incredibly many-sided. By the way, pageboy haircut – the closest «relative» of the caret, only more feminine and calm.


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Design of gel nails: creative ideas

дизайн гелевых ногтейThe extended nails many benefits and there are significant shortcomings. Development of the nail industry to reduce the number of the latter, for example, gel many girls now extend their nails are much more willing than before. In this regard, the design of gel nail becomes even more popular, which is not surprising. Gel build-up gives nails Shine, which is becoming a real decoration, and in combination with original drawings, such nails look even more effectively.


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What if nails became wavy?

The reasons of occurrence of corrugated nails on the hands can be several. For example, fungus, poor manicure, a weakened immune system, damage to the nail plate or a congenital defect. It is worthwhile to discuss every problem in more detail. To begin consideration of this problem with the fungus. This disease can be obtained from household… Read More →

How often should I make the correction of graft nails?

Deciding on a nail, a woman needs to be ready to the fact that occasionally she would have to make a correction nails. That will require additional time and money. In essence, nail involves covering the natural nail gel or acrylic mass…. Read More →

Tips - revolution of nail design

типсыWith the development of the industry of beauty, in particular, the field of nail design in everyday life of professionals and clients includes a new vocabulary. What tips, know girls who regularly treatment capacity, others do not see the difference, artificial nails, forms for expansion and even the new gel or acrylic plate. And the tips of the time does not stand still. Their simplicity and primitiveness of passing away, giving place to new technologies.


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Read only to those who need velvet manicure!

In very ancient times velvet was considered one of the attributes of luxury and luxury living. Currently the robes and the capes of velvet, as well as velvet dress with boots suede can give any woman luxurious elegance. Today is the… Read More →

Valentino spring-summer 2014 (+58 photo)

In the new collection Valentino spring-summer 2014 most gorgeous dress, presented at Paris fashion week. Long fine dresses from Valentino – just a real work of art. Delicate lace, beaded and unusual patterns found a place in the collection. Valentino returns in fashion ethnic style, sandals and spikes. Color – black, Burgundy, green, dark blue and brown. Please […] Read More →

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