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Facials - way to health and perfection

Face masks – one more step on the path to perfection and skin health. Regardless of the woman’s skin type, it will always be able to find a suitable mask. Usually masks do once or twice a week. They provide a deep cleansing, narrow pores, purify, nourish and moisturize the skin. There are clay, fruit, Read More →

How to draw a needle on nails: from simple to complex

Hands are the main decoration for every woman. But not necessarily turn to professionals, to get a perfect result, all good and beautiful manicures can be made and most. Today is an incredibly great popularity among girls enjoys manicure with an original design on… Read More →

Japanese pedicure with socks: what are its advantages?

All the ladies love to take care of themselves and in this they are well versed. In female beauty every detail is important, and pedicure never remain without attention. Beautiful and well-groomed feet with a sophisticated pedicure is the dream and goal of every fashionista. Japanese… Read More →

How to get rid of dandruff is the most effective means

избавиться перхотьEven the most beautiful hairstyle will look disgusting, if the hair prisypany white flakes. Dandruff on the hair – phenomenon not dangerous, but is extremely unpleasant. Therefore the question of how to get rid of dandruff, is always important for those who are familiar with this problem. Fortunately, dandruff is not a sentence, and it can be tackled effectively using medicines and home remedies.


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How to make and use a homemade hand scrub?

Every woman wants to look good, therefore uses all available and available means for skin care of face, hands and body. It’s always fun to catch on himself delighted gaze of men. To have a beautiful and well-groomed hands, they need a constant and even everyday care. During the day often have to deal with Read More →

How to define the character of a person's nails?

There are many ways to determine the nature of man by appearances. There is even this science, the physiognomy. Palmists on the basis of the centuries-old observations can tell a lot about a person by the form of the hand and nail. Many wonder what might tell nails? Psychologists, for example, believe that neatness and Read More →

How to make a nail «Soft square»: the secrets of the masters of manicure

Manicure is an integral part of the overall care of appearance. Due to the diversity of styles everyone can choose the most acceptable variant of registration of a nail plate. Many simply forget that before you make the shape of the nail, it is necessary to pay attention and many… Read More →

Dandruff is a catastrophe on the head

перхотьDandruff is a syndrome that is characterized by plentiful scaly patches or plaques scalp, and, sometimes, itching. Although it is not contagious and is rare in severe forms, it is difficult to treat and can cause considerable psychological distress.


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How to make a foot scrub: simple recipes for home use!

If in the autumn or winter, you can hide feet in closed shoes, it will be impossible to do this, open shoes issues all the disadvantages. So the dry and rough heels will soon let know, how carefully they did not hide from prying eyes. The most… Read More →

As you already manicure tape?

The state of hands is a very important factor in the General list of cases for the care of their appearance. Clearance are different and which one to choose is a matter of personal preference, but besides aesthetic component of accuracy is important. Even one incorrectly performed line can completely spoil the impression of the Read More →

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