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How correctly to stick flexible false nails

Artificial nails is popular, but unlike acrylic, which require constant correction flexible false nails can be used at home by using a minimal set manicure accessories. False nails long ceased to be a synonym for a bad taste. This was before they were thick and coarse, very prominent on the nails and unnatural. Now, when Read More →

Modern methods of treatment of ingrown toenails

When the nail starts to grow in the lateral direction and grows into the skin rolls, then it is considered ingrown. It is important to start treating this pathology, to avoid complications. Ingrown nail on the foot can occur for various reasons. Most often this is due to wearing tight shoes. Often, this pathology is Read More →

Acrylic nails: all advantages and disadvantages!

If natural nails constantly break down and the girl can’t grow them the right length to make a beautiful manicure, you can use the services of the wizard, which increase acrylic nails. When this cosmetic procedure, the wizard uses acrylic material, which is a thermoplastic polymer, received… Read More →

Shiseido cosmetics: a successful combination of two cultures

History of Shiseido company, which is known to, among other things, characteristic of Japanese design, and the General concept which distinguish it from the Western manufacturers of cosmetics, started from the first in Japan pharmacies in Western style. The way from a small drugstore to the giant cosmetic industry was long; in the United States Read More →

How to get rid of lamination fingernails at home?

Lamination fingernails concern for many, but from this trouble, you can get rid of. Here is only to begin, you will understand why there was such a problem, only so it will be possible to restore the health of nails a. Causes of exfoliating nails First reason exfoliate nails, can be… Read More →

Cosmetics Bourjois - half a century in the service of beauty

The world-famous cosmetics Bourjois is loved by many. It is valued for the quality and gorgeous color combination. But how did everything begin? History In 1860 by French actor opened in Paris, a small shop where he began to sell cosmetics and perfumes. In 1869 the store bought Alexander Napoleon Bourgeois, and called him his Read More →

Health nail: the main criteria

Chinese healers were always confident that the kind of nails it is possible to determine the exact picture of the state of human health. It is really so, fingers are connected to all systems of the body and the energy channels. Modern physicians largely agree with this statement. Nails -… Read More →

How beautiful to paint nails yourself: tricks beauties

Elegant and neat manicure is an integral feature of the modern well-groomed woman or girl. Thanks to the original, beautiful and elegant manicure ladies feel more confident. And do not have to go for these weapons of mass destruction in elite beauty salon. Enough to know… Read More →

False nails: tips

False nails is a real salvation for women, if we urgently need to bring hands in order, but there is no time or money to visit the salon. The main thing is to conduct the process of gluing. Of course, a particular strength false nails do not differ, but with care for you can wear Read More →

Modern types of nail news of the world manicure

Nail enjoys recently very popular. After using this procedure, a woman may adjust the length and shape of your nails and make them well-groomed appearance. Some believe that the nail is not as fashionable as a few years ago. Professional… Read More →

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