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Simple pictures on nails: ideas for beginners

Probably, in the world there is no girl who would not love beautiful manicures. Now came into Vogue nail art. . And many beauties are trying to master the technique of drawing. So you want to give a couple of tips for beginners. Learn to depict simple pictures on the nails can… Read More →

Art manicure - bright addition image

To please yourself and others a beautiful manicure, it is not necessary to visit a beauty salon. Nails patterns and you can own, even having no artistic talent. For completion of high quality manicure you can use different stencils that are commercially available. Every woman knows that the state of nail and hand skin a Read More →

Christian Dior spring summer 2014 (+113 photo)

At the fashion week in Paris was presented a bright, bold collection of Christian Dior spring-summer 2014. This time the brand’s designer RAF Simons has given special attention to skirts and dresses RIPP and returned into fashion pleating. In particular fresh and spring looks floral print for a short skirt pleats and asymmetrical RIPP. The highlight of the collection is weaving ribbons and […] Read More →

Secrets of the beauties: how to dry nails, if after 10 minutes you go?

For many women, any output «in the light»on a date, business meeting, party, or for another reason – the event that you need to meet «in the parade.» Given time, the details and the choice of clothes and accessories and hairstyle and makeup. Do not remain without attention… Read More →

Medical cosmetics Thermal healing water «on the house»

thermal лечебная косметика Thermal water has long been famous for their healing properties. Found their usefulness even the ancient Romans, it is from natural mineralized (thermal) waters was the name of the Roman baths. However, used medical cosmetics thermal – that is, on the basis of thermal water – and long before the Romans, for example, in ancient Babylon and Egypt.


Read More →

Prada spring-summer 2014 (+107 photo)

07 Nov Prada spring-summer 2014 (+107 photo) A collection of Prada spring-summer 2014 at Milan fashion week was very bright and unusual. The main highlight of the collection is the style of pop art, combined with a sporty-chic – large print of a woman’s face like a motto of «Woman – power!swept across the entire Read More →

The effect of the composition of Polish remover?

Women have always attached great importance to the well-groomed hands. It is impossible to feel free and confident, if the nails are not processed and have unkempt appearance. Lac helps to hide defects and gives hands on a special significance. If the choice varnish women prefer well-known brands trusting the manufacturer of the health of Read More →

Gucci spring summer 2014 (+102 photo)

In the new collection spring-summer 2014 at the fashion week in Milan designer Frida Giannini embody the idea of sport chic – and got a deserved reward – a lot of positive feedback collection! The highlight of the collection became the top-bust with crossed straps. And often in the collection using a grid and handbags with fringe – a very stylish new! Photo Gucci collection spring-summer 2014: Read More →

Versace spring-summer 2014 (+49 photos)

In a new collection of Versace spring-summer 2014 Donatella Versace successfully connected the idea of heavy rock and courageous jazz with warm fabrics and pastel colours. The main successful models – this jacket with the thorns and the slots on the sleeves, skirts, bell, shirt-blouse and charming dress with a floral print. Photo collection Versce spring-summer 2014: Read More →

Not many people know than to dilute the nail Polish!

Not need to be an expert in the field of nail Polish to know about the main features of nail Polish. As neither improve their formula, but eventually receive equal layer and desired color impossible. However, the situation can be! Regardless of how much it cost lacquer, how well he is still, after being opened Read More →

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