In fashion is not only the strict and stylish manicure with equal square edges, but slanting form ends. Beveled nails are representatives of the modernized classics, but they are based on the same straight form the edges.

The effectiveness of stubble nail already noticed by the majority of women and is ideal not only as an experiment, but, as the basic form and design, which can emphasize the dignity of the hands and fingers, or hide their weaknesses.

So, beveled nails accentuate the long graceful fingers and hide larger palm or visually can extend short fingers. With large palm will look much more gracefully, if, of course, not too long nails. Ideally, serving the edge of the nail in the middle should be half the size of the main part.

In respect of the bevel also no special rules and it can be made in several ways. It is considered the core inclination towards the thumb, which comes from the little finger. Bevel must be uniform and equal for all the nails. Another option bevel – towards the middle of the hands. In this case, the bevel on the middle and ring finger should be executed opposite each other.

Themselves beveled nails are not too extravagant or vulgar, so that this nail design can be used at any age. Naturally, experimenting more young generation, but also women older can find many advantages in precisely this manner. Advantages include the ability to shade and highlight the dignity and grace of the palm or fingers. Naturally, hide shortcomings and the ability to visually make the hand more beautiful also of great importance.

However, to achieve a similar effect will be important to take manicure with great attention. So, mown nail form implies certain kinds of drawings and ornaments. As decorations will be best used rhinestones or stucco, but do only one nail hands, as more already hide the form and effect of the bevel would be zero, or negative.

In respect of colors and the use of varnishes best variant would be solid, transparent. Bright and original looks French or similar manicure. Itself beveled nail form assumes a decoration, so lacquer or coatings should emphasize the form, not translate attention to the pattern or color.

Beveled nails are called «Moscow», because it is from here went to the fashion for them. Naturally, the first to have experienced such nails young girls, who often like to experiment, and after this became visible, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as methods overlay varnish and design options. In particular, beveled nail creates the effect of a broken, that looks pretty extravagant and ambiguous. That is, whether the woman is so bold, that can walk with a broken nail Polish or design something hidden. Thus, it immediately attracted attention, and has already seen fully, attracts the attention of the accuracy of lines, boldness of the decision and appeal.

To select specific beveled nails, photo which fills many of the pages of the Internet, you need to consider their palms and fingers. That is, it is important to identify what specifically select this manicure. If it should emphasize the elegance and grace will be sufficient, the optimum size of the nail with a slant in half of the main part of the nail. The choice of such a manicure as an experiment involves more daring decisions, though, for a start will be more convenient to use the classic version.

If manicure with beveled nails chose to hide shortcomings, it will be important to follow all the rules of its application. That is not to paint with bright paints, to underline form, minimize jewelry and make the right slant. It will also be important not too much to lengthen nails, as well as on thick fingers it will already not look as elongation and will create the opposite effect.

Beveled nails can be a complement not only to extravagant image, but also accentuate the image of a business person. Then plays the role of just what such an image is created from small details, small strokes.


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