модный маникюрFashion nails varies from season to season together with the outfits. Every time there are new options painting nails but, nevertheless, some basic elements remain unchanged. To decorate their nails are not only beautiful, but also very stylish, each woman, you only have to make a little imagination, not forgetting to view the latest fashion trends.


One of the newest trends – nails with precise geometrical pattern. You can try to create such a miracle for yourself: you will need a black and white nail Polish, thin brush paint, and a very steady hand.

Cover the nails layer of white paint and let it dry. Then a thin brush on each nail draw a black lacquer two parallel vertical lines and three horizontal. As a result of the nails will be divided into 12 sectors (if nails short, one can draw two horizontal lines). Then fill in some sectors black lacquer, so that the nails became similar to a chess-Board.

Of course, to make this manicure carefully will not everybody. But if you succeed, your reward will be an amazing detail of the image on which it is impossible not to pay attention.

The bright colors of spring

Shades of orange and green with the filing of the leading designers gain attention of fashionistas around the world. Lucky different shades of orange – from pale to fire, will make your image more energy. Such color and mood and give vivacity; you just can’t nod off at work, if you will pound on the keyboard fingers with fiery orange nails.

Shades of green, especially pistachio, help to create a harmonious spring look. The color of tranquility and proximity to nature will spring to be even brighter.

Lilac and purple nail Polish again in fashion as a variety of bright shades of pink.

Blue and blue lucky for that season remain among the most popular. Treat yourself to various heavenly shades. Deep blue color of the night sky is ideal for the creation of the image of women-riddles; bright blue cloudless sky speaks about the coming of the summer and brings a smile.

To more or less the usual colors are added varnishes, with metallic Shine. Silver, gold, bronze shades become the hit of the season. Golden and amber nails (the layer of Golden and bronze varnish give a beautiful amber color) look stylish and elegant.

Neutral color

Varnishes, neutral colors, probably, not out of fashion ever. Or this will happen not earlier than the last, the most conservative company in the world cancels its strict dress code. However, some women and for parties not like to paint my nails bright varnishes. They for a fashion manicure can make use of not losing relevance of beige and pink paint. To them have been added this year varnishes different shades of grey and brown.

French manicure still maintains its position : classic, «inverted», as well as manicure using other colours, except white and bodily features ladies seeking elegance.


Transparent acrylic nails and white lace pattern – another relevant trend. Lace can be not only white, but also, for example, metal, but the white looks most air and unusual. Tip acrylic nail remains transparent, making manicure even more unusual.

Matt nails

Fashion nails need not Shine. Matt effect can be achieved in two ways: paint my nails colored matte varnish, or use transparent matte varnish. The second option is more practical – you can make a matte any varnish.

Ideas for manicure 2013

Nails can be beautiful, attractive, pretty or elegant, if we can decorate them as best you can. Today, especially in 2013, we can find a lot of new ideas for pictures that inspire us to create a beautiful manicure. Let’s get acquainted with some new ideas for nail design that will help you choose the best pictures for your manicure.

The first idea for nail design 2013 is nails, sparkling like diamonds. A bit of glitter, sequins or crystal from Swarovski – a very appropriate decoration for manicure, with whom you can go to a party in an elegant and chic attire. If we can’t wear bright ornaments (ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace), which will make us elegant, you can replace them nail Polish sequins, or decorate conventional Lac rhinestones. This will give us an elegant look, the same as if we put on a brilliant decoration.

Another direction of the new manicure 2013 is a painting of nails. The pictures on the nails is also decorated with them. Some ideas for manicure, such as geometric patterns, images of cartoon characters, and flower patterns on the artificial nails, will be the best choice for nail art that will thrill the others. You can select pictures to each event.

Another nail design, popular in 2013 is art-design of the new dimension. In 2013 cool and is very fashionable manicure, rising above the surface of the nail. This manicure can be very different, artistically executed in 3D with the different variations of forms and figures that are sure to attract the attention of others. These options manicure in 3D are made of leather, beads, and even velvet. Velvet nail art allows the nails look unusual, elegant, and at the same time elegantly. Shades of velvet manicure your nails look feminine, cool, trendy, modern, depending on which choice you make.

That you can try on the nails in 2013:

  • Acrylic drawings, manicure with sequins, summer drawings, gel manicure, and others. Manicure acrylic blends well with dresses and high heels, and ideal for those who wants to go to parties, having glamorous and elegant look. To create a harmonious image match your outfit so that shades dresses and manicure repeat each other.
  • Another type of design for nail 2013, which you can think of is gel design. He not only looks like a shining and brilliant, but very suitable for young women. This gel manicure, designed in bright or pale colours, will be especially good in the summer. When the sunlight will fall on nails, they shall Shine.
  • As for the drawings for nail – no matter what the design, we can choose what you like. If you love animals, you can draw on the nails of their favorite animal. Or perhaps you like sweets, and then you can draw on the nails candy or small muffins. Choose any picture, and give your nails look beautiful and attractive. To achieve the best result, wear the same colors or with the same pictures that are used in your manicure. Do not wear too many accessories such manicure, because your nail art itself was an expression of your style.

Simple drawings for nails

Simple drawings for nails can easily be done right at home, because it is a very simple task for someone who wants to try something new. You can easily find the pictures for nail design in stores, which sells cosmetics. It’s simple: just select a few varnishes different shades, and try to create a new design or picture on your nails.

Take a nail any bright shade, and apply one coat of varnish for the nails. Then use a brush to create some desired drawings.

If you don’t have a brush for painting the nails, you can also use toothpicks, because they have pointed tips that will help you create beautiful pictures on the nails.

If you have no brushes, no toothpicks, try to create drawings with the help of a few of nail Polish. For example, put on nails lacquer red as a base, and then take the black paint and draw them thin strips as a picture.

If you follow the latest fashion trends 2013, you can create numerous variations in nail design in different styles. If unusual and funny pictures you are not interested, you can create the nails simple drawings, because they can draw, just sitting at home.

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