модный маникюр лето 2013Summer is the time enjoying the beauty of nature, but throughout her life. In this period, the nature wakes up from sleep, smells fresh, I want to live and enjoy every moment of a new day. Designers also do not sleep during this time period. They are working on a new fashions and trends. The designers were not a party, of course, and manicure summer 2013. About this fashion that will surprise all lovers of manicure, and will tell you today now Beauty-Hands.ru.

Fashion nails summer 2013 no different excessive brightness, but quite visible. Even the most inconsiderate man, and he must say this manicure and appreciated. The new season of presents us with the following tendency: the nails become more natural form, the color palette is present in a wide variety. To all this add fresh trends – all sorts of visual effects, and nice pictures. One of these can be made most, according to our master-class from the article http://www.beauty-hands.ru/2012/11/05/dzhinsovyj-manikyur-kak-sdelat-foto/.

Next, we look at some of the fashion trends that come in manicure year period 2013. Each of them should look closely to choose the option that is right for you.

модный маникюр лето 2013

1. Nails medium length

Long nails are longer in Vogue in the summer of this year. The main trend of the season – easy. In high esteem now nails medium length, short nails.

The ideal is an option when the edge of the nail slightly elevated (5 mm) over the ball. But don’t worry, if you cannot grow nails that long. Fashion nails summer 2013 and provides short fingernails, it becomes a kind of original «zest» of the season. The oval shape of the nail in the summer period is considered to be the most optimal.

модный маникюр лето 2013   модный маникюр лето 2013

2. Manicure under the year of the snake»

According to the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Snake, so you can take advantage of this opportunity. In the summer of 2013, a new trend – serpentine print. You can also try the pictures on the nails, depicting a snake.

The color scheme of such a manicure should be bright and well expressed. You can take a bright green shades, and combine them with blue or white.

On link you can find any kinds of manicure in the year of the snake should also try to make their ноготках.

3. Manicure with flowers

Summers are often associated with us greenery with flowering plants. Therefore, manicure and summer 2013 can be done with the image bright and large flower on the nail.

There is another option – the tips of the nails cover small flowers. This manicure also be relevant in 2013.

модный маникюр лето 2013

модный маникюр лето 2013

4. Manicure-rainbow

These nails are able to create a joyful and festive mood. This manicure can be tamed to any party or just to meet friends.

This option is particularly suitable for those girls who are in the Prime of life, full of joy, energy and enjoy life to the fullest.

5. Manicure, made in bright shades of blue

For anybody not a secret that the most clear blue sky you can see only in the summer. This color for some it may seem modest, but on the nails, he looks great.

Moreover, such a manicure looks great, if she is going to wear a dress, whether bright or solid color.

модный маникюр лето 2013

модный маникюр лето 2013

6. Manicure summer 2013 metallic colour of»

Quite an interesting option, which sends some sort of futuristic motive. This manicure with small patches of sequin metallic colours creates a sense of mystery and originality.

7. Small dotted line

However strange this may seem, the following variant, believe me, it looks very nice on your nails. As they say, everything genius is simple. Besides, the creation of such a trend you spend minimum time and effort.

The pattern of this manicure is not difficult, deal with it, any girl. Best will look options of black and white, although brown, red is also suitable.

модный маникюр лето 2013

модный маникюр лето 2013

8. Lace

Fashion nails summer 2013 proposed to create some kind Lacy frame for nail, which will look unobtrusive.

This design blends well with the French manicure. I can dream a little, adding more pictures of small size.

All of these trends described site Beauty-Hands.ru will look perfect on your hands in the summer of 2013. You should carefully consider each of these options, and then choose the one that is right for you.

Remember that this season should avoid too bright and eye-catching shades, otherwise you will not be so fashionable as they could be. If you yourself are doing manicures, take your time and special attention to each detail. If you are not a professional in this business, it is better to ask for help from professionals who make the most beautiful manicures summer of 2013.

I hope this summer will bring you only the brightest and most joyful experience that you will remember for a long time.

Anastasia Скипина for customers Beauty-Hands.ru


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