модные бровиFashion changes every six months, and after two or three seasons, you can easily see that she had made a huge step forward, almost completely abandoning the previous trends. But this concerns mainly clothing and accessories, to a lesser extent makeup. How appropriate to talk about fashion on the eyebrows, if they are individual for each person, and their form and color are given by nature? Many women will tell you that such a thing as fashion eyebrows does not exist, and they will be right and wrong at the same time. Difficult to give a precise answer to the question how should look fashionable eyebrows, but the way they look should not be much clearer.


The evolution of fashion

модные бровиFashion for some form of eyebrows is not so changeable as the styles of dresses or color lipstick. Yes and it is impossible and unnecessary to all women oblige change eyebrows that are given to them from birth. Of course, almost every woman regularly adjusts to the shape and emphasizes the color of the eyebrows, bringing their shape and hue to the fact that it seems that her ideal or most suitable color hair or style image. But if you look at pictures of women since the beginning of last century to the present day, paying attention to their eyebrows, it is impossible to ignore the fact of the existence of fashion on this part of the face.

In the thirties of women выщипывали their eyebrows to the state of invisible threads. The era of silent films demanded the maximum expressiveness of the person who re-re-drawing of the eyebrows, which could be as little pointed, but are mostly held in high esteem were rounded eyebrows, gave shape to face dramatically mournful expression. In the fifties on the contrary – eyebrows were more natural, sharp, such called eyebrows lay spread.

Wining a right not to be considered more than just a sex object, but a full-fledged member of society, in the late sixties women no longer paid much attention to the expressiveness of the person. Bet was to Shine and color, black eyeliner and dark intense drawn eyebrows went from the ranks of the women’s everyday worries. Many have even stopped pluck eyebrows, leaving their shape and color natural. One of the new style icons in the eighties became Brooke shields eyebrows which were awarded masses of different reviews. Them it was impossible not to notice, such eyebrows, thick, bushy, almost completely horizontal, dark, looked not just good, but very sexy. And then fashion again took another turn, and women are again took up tweezers, which enthusiastically are not wielded one year. Now this time passed, though subtle, almost missing eyebrows which look rather marginal, than fashionable, too often.


New fashion eyebrows

модные бровиIn the new Millennium, where designers, makeup artists and other trendsetters diligently impart the taste of natural and highlighting their own individuality without the unbridled pursuit of trends in fashion uniquely natural eyebrows. They do not necessarily thick and wide, have a fixed bend width of the base. Now eyebrows should not obey the harsh dictates of fashion, but borrow opinions or take the example of a particular model or actress will be a plus. The main thing is not to forget that the eyebrows is part of the «ensemble», and it is not always necessary to be острохарактерными and eye-catching.

Previously, the make-up was one unbreakable rule, according to which the eyebrows are not expected to be much darker hair. Now it has no power over the minds and brushes for makeup in the hands of skilled craftsmen: lighten eyebrows becomes a bad manner, but it is highly dimming them is not necessary. They can be left natural, but then you should take care of harmony makeup, so they do not look vulgar. If the natural color of the eyebrows a few shades darker hair, to give them a neat shape, removing excess hair but entirely polishing their form is not required.

модные бровиStill luxuriously look smooth broad brow, which is possible only available with the natural data. Such eyebrows are actress Jennifer Connally, Camilla Belle, singer Katy Perry supermodel Natalia Vodianova. Eyebrow correction should be moderate, should not draw high lift and a strong bend – form, followed by Dita von Teese, is of relevance in the context of its own retro-image, but in no way associated with fashion eyebrows.

And, finally, the most daring eyebrows – it is natural, contrasting, sometimes a little ruffled. On the catwalks makeup artists magnify this style, deliberately combing eyebrows models in the opposite direction or зачесывая them up to make a

effect stylish negligence. Such eyebrows are also in need of care and regular attention. If you have natural thick, heavily close to each other, in the nose will certainly need to remove excess hair that can make a person rough and harsh. But moderation is no need to touch base eyebrows, which is the largest part of them. Women who abuse выщипыванием from the nose, get a sad face. Of course, such eyebrows cannot be considered fashionable.

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