Urban lady usually live actively and dynamically. During the day they have to solve dozens of questions and constantly move around the city. With the usual ladies handbag that is not always convenient, because often the high probability to forget something or just not put.

The actual shades

The perfect solution is efficient and practical backpacks. Fashion trends dictate the lovers of stylish solutions to a few rules that you should choose such accessories. When selecting products should pay close attention to the actual shades. This season in on trend colors such as:

  • blue;
  • black;
  • beige.

Another important tone is camel. No less popular accessories, beaten in futuristic shades of “metallic.” If a lady wants to diversify all your ensembles trendy elements, it is necessary to buy such handbags in bulk. Such a rational approach will allow to look fashionable in the office, on a walk or on vacation.

The main trends

Choosing urban backpack, ladies should pay attention to the material. The most fashionable option in 2017 is the skin. In the trend model is decorated with textile inserts, fur, sheepskin, velour.

Another fashionable trend, winning designers, is the availability of quilted motifs. Such solutions are equally fit perfectly into the business ensembles and images in casual style. Leading stylists ladies to bet on the contrast. To achieve the intricate combination of tenderness and rudeness with the help of backpacks for the military. The “squeak” of fashion are models:

  • masculine tailoring for ladies;
  • from the deliberately rough-tanned leather or canvas material;
  • with a massive decor.

A bestseller in 2017 promises to be backpacks-drops, which are ideal to create casual ensembles. Many designers recommend you to buy these bags wholesaleto make stylish and relevant images in the style of the family.

A lover of sports outfits, it is recommended to include in your ensemble surround accessories. For celebrations and outputs in light, designers recommend ladies to acquire a neat and miniature models. The main rule of selection of fashion backpack is its compatibility with the color of clothing. It is very important to find an accessory that would be able to place the image of a woman missing touch. For this fit version with a non-trivial decoration or original prints.

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