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Manicure for children: do?

From early childhood, parents form of the child’s sense of the beautiful and healthy habits. Manicure for children is part of the baby hygiene and prevention of different diseases. How to make children’s manicure at home? A child is born already with nails, sometimes they are so large that a caring mother carefully still in Read More →

Nail: the pros and cons of the most popular types

Women always seek for beauty, surrounding themselves with beautiful things and their appearance embodying beauty. One of the procedures for beauty women – nail. Today there are different kinds of nail. In the present procedure nail received great… Read More →

Creative nail design ideas for the wedding

What if approaching wedding party, and the classic French manicure bride did not inspire? Make an image of bright creative ideas to help nail design, which bailed out, no one stylish girl. For decades the perfect manicure bride is considered a classic French. Even the decor of… Read More →

Tools for nail without which you can not do?

Practical every woman owns initial knowledge in the creation of manicure. However, much more interesting not only take care of the nail plates, but to be able to make the build-up of claws. Of course, for the attainment of the Azov skill you must purchase a professional set for nail or buy the tools individually. Read More →

Learn all about the European manicure!

Whether there is such kind of manicure, where the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum, and nails retain well-groomed appearance as long as possible? Of course, this European manicure, which is popular all over the world. Appeared in price lists beauty salons European manicure has become a real escape for… Read More →

French manicure on short nails: tips on style

Unique French manicure create not so easy. This is evidenced even professional master. However, is there no tips to help make this process at home is easier? Tips on creating a manicure. For the beginning of the girl should think about how… Read More →

Spring summer 2014: all the trends of 200 photo

Canary yellow, salmon, sickly pink… Read More →

Nail piercing at home: is it possible?

Today the industry of nail service offers a lot of ideas that can make the image of a stylish and memorable. One of the most popular directions – nail piercing, such detail precisely will not remain unnoticed. Nail piercing is a procedure in which a grown part of the nail… Read More →

Nail design-in Egyptian style: to whom do they fit?

Ladies all over the world have turned their eyes towards the mysterious Egypt. Still, ethnic motifs of this country, in all the colors of playing well polished ноготках women, become a real trend. In the classic version of nail design-in Egyptian style involves the use of saturated terracotta,… Read More →

How to make a quick manicure: professionals reveal map

Well-groomed nails have become an indispensable attribute of the image of the modern woman. Not always possible to put in order the hands of an expert. Sometimes you have to do all the work independently and within a short time. Nobody says that fast and beautiful manicure succeed at the first attempt…. Read More →

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