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Grater pedicure

Терка для педикюраGrater pedicure is intended to remove dead skin particles, corns and calluses with the surface of the feet. This kind pedicure tool differs according to the degree of rigidity, form and material of manufacture. The first graters pedicure stones of volcanic rock. They have high porosity (about… Read More →

Fresh Luke fashion bloggers (+95 photo)

Свеженькая pictures fashion images from bloggers from around the world. Get inspiration in unusual and original images of the beginning of autumn 2013. Photo fresh bows fashion bloggers in autumn 2013: Read More →


СПА-педикюрSpa-pedicure is a pleasant and useful exercise, having a relaxing and healing effects. After pedicure removes dead skin cells nails and skin, in which we live fungi and bacteria. This is a painless process as nothing to trim and cut, remains a holistic skin… Read More →

Tools for pedicure

Инструменты для педикюраEveryone wants to have beautiful legs, especially in the summer. To do this, follow them and take care of using the right mix of tools and instruments. Professionals use special tools for pedicure and manicure. What tools you need for Professional pedicure set of tools for pedicure… Read More →

Pedicure Shellac

Педикюр Shellac Pedicure Shellac won the hearts of fashionistas few seasons ago. And not surprisingly – and manicure, and pedicure with such coating are worn for three weeks and look perfect! This usability is not intriguing. Coverage for pedicure Shellac is applied in several… Read More →

Etro: advertising campaign of the autumn-winter 2013-2014

Italian fashion house Etro presented the vibrant city collection for the season autumn-winter 2013-2014. Photo advertising campaign Etro. Read More →

Medical pedicure

Медицинский педикюрWhat is the difference medical pedicure from the usual? Medical pedicure aims not only to foot care, skin and the appearance of the nails, in the first place it aims to improve the health of the feet helps to maintain the skin and nails is in good condition… Read More →

Chemical pedicure

Химический педикюрChemical pedicure is a non-contact method of removal calloused skin, surface cracks, corns. Previously cosmetology to eliminate the signs of hyperkeratosis could only offer hardware methodology or mechanical счищение feet after contact with кератолитикими. The tactics of chemical pedicure is somewhat different. Chemical pedicure… Read More →

Dolce&Gabbana: advertising campaign of the autumn-winter 2013-2014

Aftertaste hot Sicily in the advertising campaign for Dolce&Gabbana fall-winter 2013-2014. Passionate views provocative heart, dark intrigue and unimaginable luxury makes again and again revise the masterpieces of style and taste in the photo. Read More →

Trim pedicure

Обрезной педикюрOne of the hallmarks of a well-groomed woman is a nice pedicure. Many focus more on arms than the feet, which is a mistake. Although, for example, cut pedicure (classical) is what can be done not only in the cabin, but also independently. Trim pedicure… Read More →