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Nail design bright French

The article tells about exactly what kind of strong French are considered fashionable this year. The article also consider, under what clothes fit a manicure. Bright French perfectly suitable for a beautiful and stylish clothes, various informal meetings and events. He… Read More →

How to choose a haircut - my light, mirror, tell me

Как подобрать стрижку Creation of the individual style – a very delicate question, any mistake can spoil the mood of the person for many months, it is so much need in order to grow hair after an unsuccessful visit to the hairdresser. Before drastically change your appearance, you need to know how to properly choose a haircut.


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Medical cosmetics for hair grow spit to the waist

лечебная косметика волосыHair is one of the first objects of concern modern women (and men). In fact, hair, along with leather, create entire appearance. How strong, beautiful, shiny, thick hair dwell on the head, depends not only appearance, but also and mainly mood. In addition, the hair can see right away whether a person is healthy – if the hair dull ends посечены, scalp «adorned» dandruff – about good health can be no talk. In order to achieve the effect of a healthy, is used medical cosmetics for hair.


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Lady Jentelman City: catalogue service (+23 photos)

A new directory service from Lady Jentelman City is a stylish, fashionable clothes for all family. Here you can find various women’s clothes – dresses with floral prints, dress with a train, pantsuits, geometric prints and details of clothes, raincoats and trench coats, white blouse, comfortable jeans and a pullover. In menswear pay attention to the practical jeans and […] Read More →

Nail design with dried flowers

The nail design with dried flowers need a special material – basically, dried flowers, which can be purchased from a store. Large flowers are only suitable for aquarium design, but the little flowers and twigs can be used at home. Of course, this nail art… Read More →

Maritime photo shoot Edita Вилкевичуте in Vogue Paris

Maysky Vogue Paris graced the “sea” photo shoot. Read More →

Karen Elson in Harper's Bazaar UK

Karen Elson appeared in the spring photo shoot for the may issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK… Read More →

An evening hairdo own hands: 50 photos

Holiday hairstyle in most cases do not so difficult. Read More →

Sela: the directory service's official website (photo)

Summer catalogue Sela delight their fans with a mass of jewelry and accessories – massive bracelets and colorful necklaces, pendants different length, sunglasses, earrings, hats – all reminds us of summer. Floral prints are occupied a worthy place in the collection – trousers, blouses, dresses with flowers is a fashion trend! Note jeans popular denim waistcoat and jacket and […] Read More →


Nail-biting (онихофагия refers primarily in children and adolescents. Sometimes the addiction observed in adults. First of all, this habit signals about any emotional disorder. Therefore, it is urgent to change something in their life and eradicate the problem. The child on the presence of harmful… Read More →