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«Arbat Prestige»: beauty fairy tale with a sad ending

арбат престижCosmetic brands lot. Companies that sell perfumes and cosmetics under the bright attractive signage less, and among them one way or another are «stars», which attract image beneficial promotional offers, the assortment of the offered goods. Among them is «Arbat Prestige», the retailer, which, unfortunately for many women, ceased to exist.


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Fashion prints autumn-winter in 2014-2015 Moschino collections (+16 photos)

For example, Moschino collections for the fall-winter season 2014-2015 we can distinguish several fashionable prints the next season. Namely, this is a black and white print under the cow, numbers of players on the tops and blouses and long print prints and texts. After the Photo collection fall-winter Moschino 2014-2015: Read More →

Best nail files: the basic requirements

Alpha and omega proper manicure is correctly chosen nail-file. There are many subtleties of the selection of this tool, and our today’s material will help you quickly navigate even for a beginner. One of the most important accessories in the women’s make-up bag – manicure nail file to process… Read More →

Collection Fendi autumn-winter 2014-2015 (+16 photos) pre-fall

We suggest to familiarize with the new collection Fendi for the season autumn-winter 2014-2015. The main place in the collection is a gray tweed, wool, knitted wear. Here you will see how elegant suits and sports jackets and even fur coats in the strip. The special attention be paid to footwear – fur massive boots is a must – have new season. Photo collection Fendi autumn-winter 2014-2015: Read More →

Fashionable images for autumn-winter 2014-2015 from Alberta Ferretti

This time the collection Alberta Ferretti not dwelled on dresses. Within in this new collection for the season autumn-winter 2014-2015 you will find a very elegant and feminine business images – classic arrows pants and blouses with transparent sleeves and collar. Also note the upper clothes – classic coat decorated with gold, long coat, denim jackets. […] Read More →

Velvet sand for nails - the secret of your trendy manicure!

Sand nail – latest material that allows you to make very unusual floor. Currently, the technology for deposition of sand on the nail plate taught masters all the most fashionable and expensive beauty salons. Currently, the cosmetics industry offers a variety of services,… Read More →

Fashionable upper clothing fall-winter 2014-2015 Burberry (+26 photos)

So, start slowly to get acquainted with new collections of the season autumn-winter 2014-2015. Because now try to pass the fashion week in Paris, London and Milan, and it is time to put the emphasis in the new branch of the fashion trends for the new season. Preliminary collection of Burberry Prorsum pleased with the abundance of elegant and feminine outdoor clothing – coats, jackets, long coats under the belt, […] Read More →

Velvet dress - what to wear

Velvet since the most ancient times is associated exclusively with luxury, wealth and sophistication. Read More →

5 ideas manicure with foil, which will transform your nails!

Every woman wants to always look attractive. For anybody not a secret, that the manicure is an important component of the appearance of women. Currently, there are many different ways to make beautiful manicures. Beauty salons entice their customers by offering different kinds of manicure. Becomes… Read More →

Choose a dress in a cage - 66 photo

Entering into use in the early twentieth century, the cell is always at the height of fashion. Read More →

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