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Photo bright nail designs

Фото ярких дизайнов ногтейWhich women are not dreaming all the time to boast stylish manicure and not spend too much time? If just color nail you Ude tired, pay attention to the photo bright nail designs. Some of them don’t… Read More →

Fashion кейпы autumn-winter 2013-2014 (+20 photos)

Compared to past seasons gaining momentum shows featuring yet another strange and yet little прижившейся thing wardrobe – кейпы. Cape is outerwear with slots for hand, looks like a Cape. Sleeves in this model, either decorative or none at all. Fashion кейпы you will find in the collections of Barbara Bui, Valentino, Akris, Bally, Emillio […] Read More →

Fimo nail design

Фимо для дизайна ногтейFimo nail design is a special material that is based on polymer clay, скатанной in rolls. If necessary, they cut into thin slices, and in combination with acrylic or gel they begin to revive. In commercially available and ready chopped… Read More →

Trendy backpacks

We present the selection of your fashion bows from bloggers – and the main theme of today became fashionable backpack! Look at the photo wearing backpacks young lady, what backpacks are now relevant. Recently backpack became seriously compete with fashionable bags. And if your wardrobe already have a few bags – not time to think about the backpack? Photo fashionable […] Read More →

Photo acrylic nail design

Фото дизайна акриловых ногтейAcrylic nails are extremely popular among women of all ages. They allow you to create three-dimensional designs, and their wear resistance is much higher gel extended nails. Remove acrylic nails too simple enough even in the home. Many women are attracted to acrylic nails precisely because of the diversity… Read More →

Novelties of nail design 2013

Новинки дизайна ногтей 2013For a complete compilation of the image pay special attention to design of nails, especially novelties nail design 2013. Because like it or not, and still to some extent have to give tribute to fashion. Indeed, it creates a new and unique images that adorn you…. Read More →

Warts on the hands

Бородавки на рукахWarts on hands often resemble little cauliflower florets, but how they distort the hands. To them unpleasant to touch, and sometimes these nasty nodules become an obstacle to obtaining prestigious jobs. Honestly, warts on hands, a horrible sight, though they… Read More →

The spirits of the New dawn: the legend of the Russian perfumery

духи Новая ЗаряFor many decades it was thought that real perfume made only in France. Of course, the art of French perfumers knows no equal, and all of the same quality perfumes are very many countries, including Russia. Many women, for example, undeservedly ignored spirits «New dawn», and in fact some perfume samples of this factory are in no way inferior to the French.


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Fashionable skirts autumn-winter 2013-2014 (+50 photos)

In the new autumn-winter season, 2013 in Vogue are straight skirts-pencils, skirts with a smell, leather skirts, long skirts, divided skirts bell, skirts with pleats and skirts the sun. The actual length of the skirt is either short skirt above the knee, or the length of the MIDI (just below the knee). Mod will be as plain skirts neutral and bright colors – black, beige, […] Read More →

Photo design sharp nails

Фото дизайна острых ногтейWell-groomed and beautiful nails are the calling card of any woman. Each of them has its own ideal of their forms. For example, some come in silent horror from sharp nails, some, on the contrary, they are delighted. For the latter the fair… Read More →