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Emanuel Ungaro spring-summer 2014 (+74 photo)

Bright, memorable Emanuel Ungaro collection spring-summer 2014 leaves unforgettable impressions after viewing it. Polka-dot, shuttlecocks and skirts, flowing and transparent fabrics, patch pockets and asymmetrical straps – it is all part of the new spring collection. Photo Emanuel Ungaro collection spring-summer 2014: Read More →

Fashion eyebrows - not too much

модные бровиFashion changes every six months, and after two or three seasons, you can easily see that she had made a huge step forward, almost completely abandoning the previous trends. But this concerns mainly clothing and accessories, to a lesser extent makeup. How appropriate to talk about fashion on the eyebrows, if they are individual for each person, and their form and color are given by nature? Many women will tell you that such a thing as fashion eyebrows does not exist, and they will be right and wrong at the same time. Difficult to give a precise answer to the question how should look fashionable eyebrows, but the way they look should not be much clearer.


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Cosmetics «Mirra Lux»: features, advantages and disadvantages

косметика Мирра ЛюксRussian cosmetics «Mirra Lux» appeared on the market relatively recently – in the nineties of the last century, but during the short history of existence has already won the hearts of many buyers. Do not bypass these tools and awards at international competitions: «Mirra Lux» was the only Russian company to have received this recognition in the world.


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Hot scissors: salvation for brittle hair

горячие ножницыProbably not, women who would not dream of a luxurious head of hair. But the condition of the hair most of the leaves much to be desired: improper care, coloring, coloring, stress and bad ecology make hair split and lifeless. And the real salvation for such hair become hot scissors, who literally «seal» the ends of the hair, not allowing them to split.


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Why smart nail Polish is it called?

This article will detail all the features and properties of the tool. It is not normal, as you first think, nail Polish. Smart enamel has not only preventive, and healing properties. Looks smart nail Polish, as… Read More →

Warmed jeans - and you wear?

Today sew jeans from a variety of materials… Read More →

Nail color gel: simple rules

Girls nails at home, often wonder how to make color gel. Buying transparent or white substance, tips or regulations not included. How to handle this? If you want to make the color gel nails, it is often buy… Read More →

The coats of the beaver's your opinion

No matter how besieged us good defenders of animals… Read More →

Overview of varnishes for the nails to the quick options!

Do manicure – already ritual for each girl, after all the nails should always be well-groomed, clean and tidy. However, very often we long to dry lacquer, but when forgetfulness can and does spoil manicure. Many modern girls prefer not to spend time and… Read More →

Fashion jackets winter 2014 (+52 photo)

For fastidious care of her winter weather with slush, cold wind and snow just sorely needs a practical, warm and comfortable outerwear. But still want to have a stylish and modern even in gloomy cloud weekdays. Therefore, we have the solution – the warm and trendy jackets Finnish company SkinnWille. It is their quality filler their Pooh обогреет in winter weather, and […] Read More →

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