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Do not edging manicure at home

Every girl and woman wants to look elegant and attractive. Therefore, it is important to note that the manicure is not the last place in appearance. So, for example, at home easy to do uncut manicure. Hands for girls are the hallmark of her appearance and, in most cases, the person draws attention to this Read More →

Means «Smart enamel»: overview

To a girl or a woman look attractive, there are many tools that help to care for. And in manicure there are some tools that help nails look more well-groomed. Such tools include brand of «Smart enamel». In this grade is not a single tool, and the whole kit, which allows not only to create Read More →

Medical cosmetics from the Dead sea to the life and health - healing water

мертвое море лечебная косметикаIn the Arsenal of tools used to build medical cosmetics, is today a huge number of various constituent elements of both natural and artificial origin. This list includes various chemicals (organic and inorganic), plant and animal components, thermal and mineral water, mud, clay, minerals and much more. Among the most popular cosmetic series of facial, body and hair care products, medical cosmetics is the Dead sea.


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Fashion trend: beveled nails

In fashion is not only the strict and stylish manicure with equal square edges, but slanting form ends. Beveled nails are representatives of the modernized classics, but they are based on the same straight form the edges. The effectiveness of stubble nail already noticed… Read More →

Can I repair a broken fingernail?

In the life of almost every girl there is a very unpleasant situation, when breaks one of the nails, and comes after that clip at its level and the rest. But before this, the nails so much wasted time and effort. It so happens that one moment – and a nail broken, and the women Read More →

How to achieve the effect of crystal nail?

Nails, which at first glance seem to be made of crystal, a new boom in the area of capacity. Not surprisingly, the answer to the question of how to achieve such beauty, care, plenty of modern fashionistas. Special demand is crystal nail among brides. And this is understandable…. Read More →

Learn how to paint my nails varnish!

Many women are interested in the question: “How to paint my nails? “. The solution to this problem excite even the masters of manicure and pedicure, that of varnish for the nails almost everyone knows not by hearsay, but in practice. As a professionally learn to colour lacquered fingernails? Sometimes… Read More →

Expendable materials for nail-art-sausages

Long nail art has become a real art direction, which enjoys an incredibly popular among fashionistas. Today, to decorate nails, girls use not only lucky but also various accessories. To make an original and stylish manicure, you can use accessories such as rhinestones,… Read More →

Estee Lauder cosmetics: dreams come true

From its humble, but attracts attention starting in 1946, the company Estee Lauder has grown into a company-billionaire, whose products are sold worldwide, and advertised in almost all fashionable and women’s magazines that exist. Estee Lauder cosmetics is loved by many and is very popular. Advantages Some moisturizers and serum – the most cutting-edge on Read More →

Incense: the gift of the Magi

ладанSince ancient times, the fragrance of incense is used during many religious ceremonies and special festive events. Some experts argue that the resin extracted from the trunk of a tree Босвелия contains substances with anti-inflammatory properties. Incense has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine, and now for the first time seriously interested in scientific medicine.


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