False nails is a real salvation for women, if we urgently need to bring hands in order, but there is no time or money to visit the salon. The main thing is to conduct the process of gluing.

Of course, a particular strength false nails do not differ, but with care for you can wear them for a long time. Unlike artificial, false nails do not spoil and not thinner natural nail plate and, if they are not adhered polishing is carried out and removal of the top layer of the natural nail.

And this is a big plus, which allows at any time to become an owner of a luxurious manicure and preserve the health of the natural nails.

The first thing to do when solving decorate hands overhead nails is to choose high-quality materials and secure compounds. Cheap false blanks have the same shape, but if the choice is to remember that each person nail plates have different bending and width.

Therefore, when buying and choosing fake nails need to focus on their shape, width and size. Also worth knowing that the more expensive sets are made of better quality materials, and adhesive for gluing the nail, has a less aggressive composition.

If false nails have already been purchased, gluing procedure needs to begin with a manicure. For this it is desirable to soften the skin of the fingers in warm, soapy water to gently remove the cuticle and cut natural nails to the desired length. After that you need to take an emery Board or a buffer that has the smallest abrasive and gently clean the nail plate across the surface.

Use after the procedure manicure creams for hands not: on the nails should be no oil or fat, this will worsen the bonding of the artificial nail with the natural. After genuine polished plate, it degrease ацетоносодержащей liquid.

Next you need to prepare themselves nails. They must be without a coat. As they are quite thick and strong, trim the length and rasp form of billets before gluing. Otherwise there is a risk just to break them with a finger during the procedure подпиливания or circumcision.

Pasting false nails that only with the help of glue, which is included in the kit and is not too aggressive and harmful composition. Use other adhesives, such as «super glue» or «time» is strictly prohibited. After the removal of artificial nails have with sawing remove harmful ingredients with natural surface of the nail plate, which can lead to their degradation and damage.

The cleaned and degreased surface of the natural nail must evenly distribute the adhesive and up to glue artificial nail. To hitch was better, you need to press the invoice to the natural nail and take some time.

Each nail is glued on separately. The whole procedure takes about an hour. If gluing conducted poorly, it is between artificial and natural nail is formed air pocket and manicure after a while simply comes unstuck.

After manicure ready, should proceed to registration. Despite many shortcomings, which differ false nails, has several advantages: the varnish on the artificial surface lasts for quite some time. You can easily stick or applied with a paint and enamel plates any jewelry.

Artificial nails do not fade and do not break. The only thing that should be excluded when making a fake nails – moulding and pendant decoration, which aggravate the plate and contribute to its rapid peeling.

After nails decorated and have a quite decent and do not differ from applying, you need to know how to care for them. False nails cannot be wetted in water, otherwise very quickly they will come unstuck. All the housework is desirable to do so in gloves.

While choosing the length should be preferred rather short nails, otherwise long will all be clinging to and eventually just fall off at the most inopportune moment. The correction of such nails do not need, you just need to detach the old and new glue to look perfect manicure.

If the bearer of a fake nails decided to change their appearance, you should know what to remove lacquer to only the liquid which does not contain acetone. Otherwise, again, bill, manicure will become worthless.

If the ladies decided to get rid of artificial manicure, you need to know how to remove fake nails properly. In no event they can break the power. Sometimes the adhesive composition is so firmly sticks artificial basis to natural plate, that without special tools not do.

For this you need-based liquid acetone, which is designed especially for the removal of fake nails. If used for gluing not suitable or not glue, which has a resistance to special liquids, the girl will have to cut down artificial turf, which can lead to injury and deterioration of the natural nails.

It is necessary to know that at gluing surface manicure need to follow a few rules: natural nail plate must be whole and healthy. If the surface of the nail there are cracks, bill, manicure will only worsen the appearance and condition of the natural nail plates: the lack of oxygen, aggressive adhesive can cause inflammation.

Also in no event it is impossible to glue artificial nails on the natural nail plate affected by the fungus. Glue and lack of air flow can trigger the development of disease and worsen the appearance and condition of the natural nails.

False nails is not the best way to decorate hands. If you have a choice, it is best to make a build-up in the salon professional. Accrued nails much stronger pasted and require less care.

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