маски для лицаFace masks – one more step on the path to perfection and skin health. Regardless of the woman’s skin type, it will always be able to find a suitable mask. Usually masks do once or twice a week. They provide a deep cleansing, narrow pores, purify, nourish and moisturize the skin.

There are clay, fruit, йогуртовые, gel masks, and only a small part of them. The mask is not a panacea, they must be meaningful. Before you choose a mask, you need to determine your skin type.


Means or homemade masks?

What Facials better – prepared independently or purchased at a local store? On this question there is no one correct answer, each type of face masks has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of ready-made masks should include a high content of unique ingredients, sometimes very expensive and inaccessible (for example, the mask with black caviar, placenta, exotic plants). High technology of such masks facilitate the flow of nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin, providing efficiency. Such masks pleasant and easy to use. Moreover, ready masks allow you to significantly save time. Disadvantages of such funds : their costs (sometimes quite high) and the presence in the masks preservatives, dyes and other chemicals, which can cause allergies.

Made yourself masks allow you to save money while at the same time to use the remnants of food. Media no artificial ingredients and preservatives, they are completely natural and rich in vitamins and mineral substances. At the same time, homemade masks can cause an allergic reaction (for example, if there is honey, strawberry and some other natural allergens). Efficiency of household masks can vary depending on what ingredients are used in their preparation, and the quality of these products (from «winter» strawberry will never be the same effect as from the summer berries).

In certain situations, more convenient to use the purchased means, and some homemade drugs. The main thing is that the mask is suited to the type of skin and successfully carried out its functions.


Individual approach

The choice of the appropriate means depends on what goals you want to achieve. So, for a fat porous skin suit cleansing, tightens pores and anti-inflammatory mask, and for dry and fading – pull-up, moisturizing and nourishing. With pigment spots successfully fight bleach and refreshing mask appropriate to apply immediately before important events, when it is necessary to look at the highest level.

The use of inappropriate masks are not so harmless as it may seem: improper means, with the regular use can only exacerbate the existing problems with the skin. And with the right tools and adherence to the instructions for its use leads to a healthy and beautiful skin.


Usage rules

Masks are applied only to thoroughly cleansed face. For the best results, you can use a scrub or a little steam out the skin to the pores open. Some types of masks, the so-called «mask-sauna», should be applied to damp skin, but in most cases the person before applying, you need to wet the towel. For the application of masks you can use a brush, sponge, spatulas, cotton swabs or own fingers. All tools should be clean.

As a rule, masks are applied on the face for cosmetic lines. The area around the lips and eyes are blank – on sensitive skin can be applied only few facilities. After that you should lie down and relax for active components could penetrate the skin. It is especially important to lie, if the person applied lifting mask – otherwise the desired effect from the funds will not be.

Masks are washed off with warm or cool water, without cleaning agents. To withdraw some types of masks, such as oil, it is preferable to use cosmetic wet wipes. After masks skin with lotions, acidified water or herbal decoctions and grease suitable cream.


Special care

In the skin of the lips and the eyes is very thin, delicate and sensitive. Ordinary masks for her not suitable, it requires special, delicate care.

Save lips smooth and delicate for a long time will help mask on the basis of honey. Of course, fit, such funds only to those who are not allergic to bee products. You can use the industrial funds in the form of lotions, and you can just spread the lips at night natural honey and by morning mouth transformed: the lips are very tender and juicy.

Eye care is primarily hydration and fighting edema. With bruises and bags under the eyes can help you fight the mask of parsley. Cook them is easy: the root of the plant it is necessary to RUB on a fine grater, greens – grind into mush. The mixture is superimposed on the eyelids for fifteen minutes and washed with cold water or cold tea without additives.

Perfectly refresh tired eyes potato mask. You can simply put on the eyes of a thin cross slices of raw potato. Even more effective is the use of grated grated raw potato. The mixture should be gently squeeze and apply to eyelids for ten to fifteen minutes. After applying the mask should apply to eyelids special cream that is suitable for sensitive skin around the eyes.


Mask for oily or combination skin

People with oily or combination skin is best suited clay mask. Clay perfectly regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, removes excess fat, deeply cleans pores, prevents and eliminates acne. Natural properties of clay promote detoxification, not when dehydrating it. Clay masks make the skin smooth and soft.


Masks for dry skin

People with dry skin masks are used not in order to make the skin more oily. Dry skin should be a strong moisturizing. Use a moisturizing mask will have a rejuvenating effect. Many masks for dry skin are the property is well absorbed. These masks will make the skin more smooth and soft.


Mask for oily or dry skin

To improve the complexion help exfoliating masks. Many masks for skin renewal are created on the basis of fruit extracts. In addition to effectively cleanse the skin, they differ very pleasant smell. After the application of such masks are usually frozen semi-transparent film.


Masks for normal skin

If the dryness or inflammation are women no problems, then she was lucky to have normal skin. For this type of skin there are many different kinds of masks. No matter how «normal» your skin, from the use of weekly masks it will only get better. Existing ecological situation leaves much to be desired. The skin is in a state of constant stress. So even normal skin should be a cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing.


Mask for Mature skin

To strengthen the skin on the face and neck mask fit for dry skin or special firming mask. Firming mask will raise the moisture content in the skin, to reduce wrinkles caused by dehydration. This will give your skin the face a more youthful appearance. Such masks are applied on ten minutes, then massage and only then is washed off.

Is not necessary to buy face masks, you can create your own mini-Spa, making home-made masks. Just an hour, you can not only relax, but also make the skin more beautiful and healthy. If your skin is oily or dry, it needs cleansing, exfoliation, strengthening and hydration. To minimize swelling of the eyes, narrow pores and smooth face, is useful for the following recipe:

  • Иогруртовая mask. Ingredients: иогурт, honey, pumpkin. Put plate tablespoon yogurt. Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that are struggling with acne, moisturizes and gently exfoliates the skin. Depending on skin type and choose one of the options and add to yogurt: a few drops of lemon juice (for oily or acne-prone skin); one tablespoon of honey (for dry skin); one tablespoon of canned pumpkin (for Mature skin). If the skin is normal, you can choose any of the options. Stir the ingredients. Apply to face and let dry for about fifteen minutes. You can sit back, relax and read a magazine. Wash off the mask at first warm, and then cold water. Strike a light moisturizer.

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