маски для лица в домашних условиях

Another compilation of recipes for facial masks at home. This time we bring to your attention the summer face mask. In summer, in masks for face at home often use a variety of vegetables and fruit to nourish and restore the skin after a long winter and a long spring and prepare it for a cold autumn and new harsh winter.

Facials at home for oily skin

маски для лица в домашних условияхOily skin, one of the many cosmetic versions, does not require additional fats, as it produces more than enough. According to another one of the many cosmetic versions, additional fats and oily skin does not hurt, so as to help dissolve grease caps in the pores. Here is the place to be following theory: fat dissolve the grease.

To check whether this theory it is on your skin, you can only empirically. As solvents here more often offer olive oil, grape seed oil, and even castor oil.

Oil is applied on the skin of the face in pure form or as part of face masks at home. In the summer of oil mixed with acidic fruits and vegetables, the most common of which are tomatoes and strawberries, which due to containing in their composition acids well dissolve sebum.

An example of a facial mask at home for oily skin

  • 1 tablespoon pulp of strawberries or peeled tomatoes,
  • 1 tablespoon of whipped in a cool foam egg protein,
  • 10-20 drops of vitamin A in oil
  • 2 teaspoons vegetable oil (if your skin is well on it reacts),
  • 1/3 teaspoon fine salt
  • potato starch or oat flour (ground oatmeal).

Mix the butter with vitamin A and salt, protein mix with tomatoes or strawberries. Combine both mixtures and загустите treatment mask for face at home with the potato starch or oatmeal to a condition of liquid gruel. Apply the mask on clean steamed skin for 15-20 minutes, rinse off with cool water neat, circular movements and moisten the skin.

Be sure to use the funds with a high degree of protection from UV rays, as acid and vitamin And make the skin very photosensitive.

маски для лица в домашних условияхThis facial mask at home promises to clean up and rejuvenate your oily skin of the face, narrow pores and tighten. This mask, having a cleansing and rejuvenating effect can overdry the skin, so it must be combined with a deep moistening of the skin. As moisturizing facial mask at home summer is best oatmeal peeled cucumber, which can also be mixed with butter or apply on face in pure form.

Facials at home for dry skin

Dry skin, unlike oily, constantly requires extra fat in the masks for face at home are often the same vegetable oils, animal fats and fatty milk and dairy products. In the summer to add any некислые vegetables and fruits. It can be sweet apples, berries, pears, peaches, melons, water-melons, carrots… dry skin like peas and other legumes.

An example of a facial mask at home for dry skin

  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (sour cream, whipped cream…),
  • ½ peach (peel and mash),
  • 1 tablespoon of gruel from boiled or grind in a coffee maker fresh green peas,
  • 15-20 drops of vitamin E oil
  • 1/3 teaspoon fine salt
  • wheat or rice flour, ground semolina.

Mix the butter with vitamin E and salt, add the peach and peas. Once again, all mix thoroughly, and загустите flour or semolina to a condition of liquid gruel.

Apply ready-made facial mask at home on a clean, lightly steamed skin. This mask can be applied and the area around the eyes and neck. Leave the mask on 15-25 minutes, then rinse off and how to moisten the skin.

маски для лица в домашних условияхIt also contains acids, so, too, requires constant protection of skin against the harmful effects of sunlight.

This facial mask at home has a rejuvenating and nourishing effect. It also softens skin, but wetting may not be enough and then in the summer owners of dry skin too can be recommended Facials at home with all the same cucumber, which can be mixed in the oil or vitamin E.

There are contraindications. Consult your doctor.

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