A variety of remedies for eyelash growth in recent years has become extremely popular. Pharmacies and beauty brands can offer us several varieties of such wonder drug: gels, serums and even mascara. However, what good is such a wonder drug?

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The fact that all serum for eyelashes growth based on a single substance, which is called bimatoprost. It is a synthetic analogue of the hormone used as a medication for glaucoma, and then noticed that the constant use of medications, eyelashes grow long and lush.

This principle was quickly picked up by cosmetic brands and cosmetics, creating a new tool — the miracle serum for eyelash growth. Completely safe and, in some sense, are useful assistants in the “lush” look.

As a working tool for the growth of eyelashes?

Eyebrows and eyelashes can only grow to a certain length, which, in a sense, “given by nature”. The length of the lashes depends on the number of so-called ciliated papillae. And bimatoprost increases the number of these papillae and irritate the hair cells, which allows to increase the length of eyelashes and the thickness.

Vitamins for hair growth will not increase the length of lashes, but will improve their condition.

However, not everything is so simple and even any thing useful there are side effects.

What’s wrong with the means for growth of eyelashes?

Prostaglandins or the means for growth of eyelashes can cause inflammation. Inflammation itself is harmless, but the long process may lead to dermatitis or allergic conjunctivitis, so pay attention to your feelings after the use of products for lashes.

Allergies can cause not only the main component, but also the presence of essential oils, Botanical extracts, vitamins. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully read the composition of funds, especially if you have allergies to cosmetics.

You can take castor oil and add a few drops to your mascara. This will help to improve the condition of eyelashes and will not lead to negative consequences. In addition to allergies, remedies for eyelash growth can cause reduction of intraocular pressure, which can disrupt the pressure in the eyeball and metabolism in the optic nerve. If you have a burning sensation in the eye or pigmentation in the eyeball (which is worse), then immediately consult a doctor. Can have serious consequences.

The last common side effect — vascular mesh on the eyelids. The fact is that eyelid skin is very thin and remedies for eyelash growth can expand the blood vessels you see on your eyelids. Not very dangerous, but not desirable.

Selection means

Despite the rather serious side effects, we have selected for you some remedies for eyelash growth. Pay special attention to the composition and the sensations during use.

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