наращивание ресниц безопасноWe hope to have long thick eyelashes, but some of us manage it easier than others. If the ink does not solve this problem, many are turning to cosmetic. But whether it is harmless? How eyelash safe?

Is it dangerous to eyelash extensions?

You can apply lashes irreparable harm if the extension will be done correctly. Artificial eyelashes used in this process, glued together at the base, and can cause the loss of your own eyelashes, causing you to lose a lot of eyelashes at the same time. To have an idea of what it may lead: if you 20 times вырвете eyelash, she never grows back again.

How to know you’re safe eyelash extensions? Before you agree on this procedure, ask the master to a few questions. Make sure it specializes on building eyelashes, and not a master of manicure salon. Make sure your master uses glue pharmaceutical purity, and look at the eyelashes, before the wizard will use. If they are plastic, or seem heavy, ask more light eyelashes.

Do not let a disaster when making lash extension

First of all, make sure that the master of eyelash extension has a certificate. When the extension is finished, the best way to check, good or bad it did take a toothpick and hold it between the lashes. If toothpick stuck, then your eyelashes stuck together among themselves. This, as mentioned above, it can lead to irreversible loss of eyelashes. But if all the cilia are separated from each other, is likely to increase done correctly.

If you realize you made a bad build, don’t wait. Do something to correct the situation. Wrong lashes should be divided, or immediately professionally removed. Do not delete them in the same place where you have built up. Another tip concerning safety: ask such lashes that have the same thickness as your own. If artificial eyelashes will be too heavy, it can also damage your own lashes.

How to do it right

Make a good, correct eyelash quite real. Furthermore, if this procedure correctly, your own eyelashes will grow more healthy and long, because you are no longer using ink. You’ll look great in the morning right after waking up, even without makeup, and save time.

Expert advice

Experts give tips that you can use when building the eyelashes.

  • Never use waterproof mascara. The base of your lashes must breathe to lashes grow. Waterproof mascara prevents this.
  • Be very careful using eyelash curlers, because they can pull eyelashes.
  • It has become very popular eyelash in the corners of the eyes. This gives the corners of the eyes distinctive flair. In addition, it is not as expensive as a full eyelash.
  • Another fashion trend is add a feather in the corner of the eye on the lash line.

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