средства для тела из кухни

And re-engage with foreign Internet fields. This time the English beauty bloggers will share the secrets of cosmetics, cooked in the kitchen. The recipes are selected according to the principle of simplicity and low cost and the possibility to go right now to the kitchen and cook, without any additional problems and follow the General cleaning of the whole apartment.

Express belongings for body skin

скраб для тела, рецептThis scrub only need to remove from the refrigerator, cut in half and wrapped in gauze. This refers to oranges, grapefruits and even still somewhat unusual for us pomelo fruit. The author of the recipe does not like отдраивать after body scrubs bath and clean the drain, and therefore offers a cut in half is quite large citrus, wrap it in gauze and from the heart to walk this kind of acid washcloth around the body. Especially such a good scrub after taking a bath when the skin is the body распарена and was very good to gently exfoliate.

After the scrub to take a shower and lubricate the skin of the body moisturizer. And all for a bath, wash not necessary, the dishes after cooking complex scrub for the body, we also don’t have to wash, that, you, makes this recipe extremely pleasant and inspiring for immediate use.

How to turn the kitchen is not just in the place where the cook, eat and mix homemade masks, please visit the website Kitchen Guide. For example, kitchen pistachio colors is not just a kitchen is a place where it is so easy and light to breathe.

Soothing lotion for your skin and body

сода для тела, рецептThis recipe is somewhat more complicated because it contains a whole two ingredients come from your kitchen counter,: oatmeal and soda. Take the 4 part of oatmeal and one part baking soda and crush in a blender to a fine powder.

Store the resulting tool in dry jar with a tight lid and use, breeding boiled water until it becomes a smooth paste. Also the resulting paste is recommended to add a few drops of lavender essential oil, and to enhance the sedative effect dilute oatmeal and soda cool chamomile or peppermint tea, which is also frequent guests in our kitchen, isn’t it?

Apply the paste to the night irritation (scrapes, diaper rash, insect bites, pimples…), let dry, and then gently shake off, leaving formed a crust on the night.

Pedicure lemon and sugar

лимон для ног, рецептAnother Express tool for beauty comes from your kitchen. Here are a grind in a blender 2-4 lemon and a half cups of sugar, divide the mass is in two parts and put in plastic bags.

Plastic bags are recommended to wear on your feet and tie the top beautiful bows and leave for 30-60 minutes. Then you only have to remove packages and accurately communicate them to the trash, and feet massage gently, rinse and apply cream.

As you can see very convenient, is not to bother with foot baths, пилочками, pumice and other difficulties, who upon completion in many cases lead to a total cleaning of the whole apartment.

Possible contraindications, in particular, allergic reactions.

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