Sasha Breuer – expert Wella, one of the most famous and popular today stylists, thanks to his ability to combine creativity and the highest quality in design hairstyles and hair color.

Breuer, who lives in London, but operates worldwide, working with leading photographers and participates in numerous shooting for the most popular magazines. He is a frequent guest of the fashion week in Milan, Paris and London. Creates images on the set for such supermodels, as Eva Herzigova, Elle MacPherson Naomi Campbell and Jerry Hall. Among other well-known clients Sasha Breuer: the Chemical Brothers Gabriel and Melanie b.

Today Sasha Breuer, answers questions of the editor you WANT.

– What trends do you think the most fashionable and trendy?

– The main trend of the season – a beautiful and healthy hair. They are almost like tissue – can run, but can be twisted, but in any case, should be sought and feminine. It is suitable smooth twisted tails, strict Cutlery, clear long bangs. As for color, the mod is now style Echo, the origins of which can be found in punk culture 90 agricultural Similar to «do it yourself», hair style combines natural and unnatural tone. On the other hand, the trend: less is more – the refusal garish hues and maximal naturalness. So my advice is to follow the trends, but choose only the one that suits you.

– What technique of hair coloring most relevant in this season?

– One of the specific equipment. Need comes from the type of hair and existing colors. I love the colors of natural shades that can give healthy appearance. For example, tint 6/7, but from bright – 8/1 from WELLATON. It is very easy, but easy solution to revitalize the existing color.

– How do You treat graft strands?

– If it is an experiment or if the person is a special case, it is the business of everyone. But it is obviously not for everyday life.

– You personally prefer short hair or long hair?

I personally like the hairstyles that suit a person, and it can be both long hair and short. Trends are changing, but my advice to you is to find your own style. I always proceed from the fact that the man’s going on and how seamlessly he feels this way. Girls are often afraid to remove the length, even if they have more going short hair, or painted in a colour quality hair can not endure. Now the trend caret, inspired by Great Gatsby. I personally like it very much, but it is very individually.

– Paint without ammonia not injure a hair – myth or reality?

– Myth. If the election does not contain ammonia, it is something else that plays the role of ammonia, namely disclosure of scales to paint could penetrate into the hair.

– What is laying you think is the most feminine?

– I really like the style Giselle Bundchen or, as in the film «the Great Gatsby» (Great Gatsby): beans 20’s / 40-Kh.

– Do you think Hollywood technique of painting’ombre Hair Color still relevant?

– Technique hombre – last 3-4 season is popular and has evolved from the radical contrast between light and dark. Even reverse hombre we still observed as a trend and even multi-colour with the colors of the rainbow, too, has a tendency. If hombre to do it right and to soften the transition, not doing contrast, the effect will be very good. It will give long hair movement (the effect of texturing and мувмент), perhaps even volume, but it is important to observe the difference (1-2 shades).

– Grooming scissors – what are the pros and cons of technology?

– I personally’t use this technique. My personal opinion: to bind the ends – it’s pointless. But if you like and fits your type of hair, why not.

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