Long nail art has become a real art direction, which enjoys an incredibly popular among fashionistas. Today, to decorate nails, girls use not only lucky but also various accessories.

To make an original and stylish manicure, you can use accessories such as rhinestones, stickers, ribbons, colorful sequins, sand, a foil, sculpting or special powder mixtures. It all depends on the wishes of fashionistas and imagination. For example, recently gaining popularity sausages for nail art.

These sausages are polymer clay, which provides just endless possibilities in creating stylish and original manicure. However, the advantages of such sausages, you can include the fact that they can be used not only on ноготках, but also on other surfaces (for example, glass, fabric, wood, metal, decorate porcelain) , which create a true work of art.

During the creation of such sausages use the unique ancient technique used by Italian blowers. The basis of this technique is that the formation occurs of several pieces of glass on a fairly wide cylinder. Then the cylinder is heated and pulled, twisted, like the Prut, and the slice of original drawings are formed.

A little later, Esther Olson, 1981, began to apply this technique in plastic and now work with polymer clay has received the name «кэнинг», which means «sausage».

If desired, such materials for nail-art, you can make yourself, since it is rather simple and the whole process does not take too much time. So, you first need to take a special multi-coloured plate and roll her in the bar, which then will be cut short wedges, the length of which should be from a year and a half to two centimeters. Loan from these short brusochkov and will be formed directly pattern future sausages. Given the complexity of the future pattern will directly depend on the diameter of the pattern (you must try to make it diameter ranged from three to six inches, but not more) .

At that time, as will be the drafting of the future pattern we must try not to happen education air pocket between separate parts and layers, as otherwise the sausage will not be of high quality and the pattern is ugly.

The next step is to start the procedures of reducing the diameter of the resulting cylinder. Starting from the center and gradually moving to the edge of the need to reduce diameter. Harvesting should not be twisted or rolled out, it will be enough just evenly its compressing, moving directly to the edge. Through these actions will occur decrease the picture in the center, he will not be subject to deformation.

Over time, when you experience, you can create such brusochki absolutely any form of triangular, round or square (the choice of the form depends on the imagination and forethought design) . But the easiest way shape circle, consequently, the learning process should start with the formation of the simpler forms.

As soon as the bar will be reduced, it should be cut into small strips, the length of which can vary from five to ten centimeters. The strips must bake and immediately immerse in cold water to be frozen. At the end of the bars are cut with a special knife or blade into thin slices and we can start the process of decoration.

From the author directly depends on the choice of the future pattern, but most are beautiful sections of flowers or fruits, and cheerful smiles. Ready-made sausages can be cut in advance or directly in front of the decor.


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