Бывшая жена пресс-секретаря президента РФ Дмитрия Пескова Екатерина вступилась за дочь Елизавету

Catherine and Elizabeth Peskov

Daughter of press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov Elizabeth is no stranger to criticism. The comments by the haters against a girl never responded, and her mother Yekaterina Peskova, but in recent times she became silent and stood up for her daughter.

A few days ago, Elizabeth visited the shipyard “South Sevastopol”, where he delivered a speech. This was the “red rag” for some users.

I usually refrain from commenting activities and the reaction to it of our moralists and fighters for justice. But now I can’t remain silent. My first question is what has she done wrong? Solved the problem of the plant and helped working-class families, retained earnings? And what did you, sitting on your couch? Trashed strangers, not realizing that their words and low energy you give birth to evil and filth in this world, that you daily and back, making you even more angry and unhappy.What is her fault? That she was born the daughter of a man who spent his life plowing on weekends, evenings and holidays? Which his intelligence and labour has made the situation that has now? Or her fault that she looks good and she’s wearing a beautiful dress? You think she should walk in robe and scourged himself with a whip? Then your life will become happier?— appealed to disgruntled Ekaterina Peskova.

Екатерина Пескова с дочерью Елизаветой
Ekaterina Peskova with her daughter Elizabeth

According to Catherine, her daughter just “studying, looking for himself, trying to find his place in life” and seeks “to draw attention to various problems which, in large numbers, exist in society”:

What were you doing when you were 19? She speaks four languages — how many can you explain? As you amused for a discussion of what she doesn’t know the difference between justice and shipbuilding (in his speech, Elizabeth had confused the proceedings and shipbuilding — approx. ed.) — and how many of you knew it before yesterday? How many of you can discuss this topic in front of a crowd of journalists and cameras? Its task is not to understand why a heavy steel ship floats, but to draw attention to the problems of those in power to solve them.

Екатерина Пескова с дочерью Елизаветой

At the end of his letter, published in the social network, mother Elisabeth again addressed critics of her daughter:

Look at yourself, re-read what you write! How can you consider yourself a good people after spew out all the filth that you write? People, stop! Wake up! If you want to change the world, start with yourself!

Elizabeth herself did not respond to messages Instagram.

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