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Celine Dion 1986/2017

In March this year, canadian singer Celine Dion, whose song for the film “Titanic” (Titanic) My Heart Will Go On became a cult classic, turned 49! Last year for celebrities was tough, died a chief man in her life — husband Rene Angelil. The artist managed to cope with grief: Dion is not closed in itself, and, as noted by her fans, on the contrary, began to lead a more active social life. Evidence — candid photoshoot for Celine fashion magazine Vogue and stylish outputs of the actress in high fashion Week in Paris. In addition to the visible changes over the last year, Dion experimented with his looks and career — more about that says SPLETNIK.RU.

Celine Marie Claudette Dion was born March 30, 1968 in a large family (14 children) in the province of Quebec, Canada. From early childhood, a future world star knew that one day I will become a singer. The first fame came to her in 12 years. Helped an incredible voice and a music producer Rene Angelil (he was then 38 years old), who had mortgaged his home to Finance the first record of a talented girl La voix du bon Dieu (“the voice of the Lord”).

Селин Дион с мамой. 1969 год
Celine Dion with my mom. 1969

Селин Дион 1972/1974

Hair Celine – brown. The child star wore a pretty short cut with bangs. But by the age of 17 the young artist changed his way: grew his hair and started wearing makeup. And three years later céline began to appear in public only with curly hair.

Селин Дион 1985/1988

Селин Дион 1989/1990
Celine Dion 1989/Celine Dion and will Smith, 1990

Селин Дион 1991/1992

The singer’s style has varied, but retaining the femininity and the elegance which Celine was faithful, choosing outfits and thinking through the stage images. His style, Celine has stayed true choosing wedding dress: it was super extravagant and had been discussed for a long time. Angelil and Dion got married in 1994, their wedding ceremony was broadcast live on canadian television.

Селин Дион 1992/1993

Селин Дион 1994
Celine Dion and Rene Angelil. 1994

In 1995, Dion decided to radically change the way: the actress got a haircut “a boy”, being already at the Zenith of his popularity. But in this way the performer is not long: less than a year her hair grew down to his shoulders and then Celine did my first hair coloring technique Balaj. During this period, Dion found his style and stopped experimenting with hairstyles.

Селин Дион 1995/1996

Hair world stars always shone in the spotlight, and all thanks to its simple beauty rules: less drying the hair and often apply burdock oil to the hair roots.

Селин Дион 1998/1999

Селин Дион 2002/2004

Селин Дион 2006/2008

Over the years, Celine has become brighter makeup: star beginning to focus on the eyes using black pencil. Catchy “smoky eyes” became her calling card for many years. However, outside of work, Dion prefers to do without makeup:

Every evening you have to remove makeup. In the morning and in the evening, the skin must be perfectly clean. After cleansing, apply cream suitable for your age,

— taught in an interview with the star.

Селин Дион 2009/2010

Селин Дион 2011/2013

The star was never likely to be overweight, but to follow the diet and exercise Dion considers it his duty. And therefore may justly be proud of the figure.

Proper nutrition should be the motto of every girl! And sports I suggest only professional coach to watch over the correct execution of the exercises

says Dion.

Селин Дион 2014/2015

To age-related changes Celine is quiet. Once she admitted she has nothing against plastic surgery and injections of Botox, the singer is negative:

I still hope that someday I find the miracle remedy that will suit me. Don’t want to be different, just want to support the youth. I’m not Kohl Botox — I’m a singer and I just can not afford it, because facial expressions are very important to me. The slightest mistake — a person can paralyze.

Рене Анжелил и Селин Дион
Angelil Rene and Celine Dion. 2014

In January 2016 the husband of Celine passed away at the age of 73 years after a long battle with cancer. Two days later of cancer of the throat, tongue and brain has died 59-year-old brother Celine — Daniel. The star was devastated and said he would “mourn for the rest of my life.” Fortunately for her fans, the performance is not otrazilos. The scene helps the singer to cope with the tragedy.

In an attempt to survive the bitterness of loss, Celine decided to radically change the image. She changed her stylist and now shows different images, surprising fans with unexpected transformations.

As for hairstyles, hair color Celine became lighter and voluminous curls from time to time replaced by the elegant bundles.

Селин Дион 2016/2017

Throughout his long career, Celine Dion has repeatedly experimented with style and image as a whole. By trial and error, the singer found himself, but who knows, maybe she’ll surprise us all.

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