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Alicia Vikander. 1997/2017 year

28-year-old Swedish actress and dancer Alicia Vikander became the heroine of the cover story of the September issue of ELLE publication, in which he spoke about his intention to surpass angelina Joliereplacing her in the new film “Lara Croft” (Tomb Raider). Wicander — the owner of “Oscar”, a favorite of filmmakers and a Muse to many designers. It outputs at social events is almost always stylish outfits and experimenting with hair and makeup. SPLETNIK.RU talks about the beauty experiences of the actress.

Alicia Vikander was born on 3 October 1988 in Gothenburg – the city on the South-West of Sweden – in the family theater actress Maria FAL Vikander and psychiatrist Svante Vikander. Parents of the future actress divorced when she was only five months. The mother raised her daughter alone, and my father was born five more children.

Nine years Vikander trained to be a career dancer: she entered the ballet school in his hometown. Six years later, Alicia became involved in musicals (“the Sound of music” and “Les Miserables”).

Алисия Викандер с мамой
Alicia Vikander mom

In childhood, Alicia was a sweet rosy-cheeked girl with a lush head of hair brown. To adolescence from chubby cheeks have Wicander not gone: she was taller, lost weight and gained pronounced cheekbones.

Алисия Викандер, 1997 год
Alicia Vikander, 1997

2003 год
2003. Shot from a film “Island in sea”

In 16 years, Vikander has changed dream: she realized that she should become an actress. To achieve its goal, the girl tried to go to drama school, but she was not accepted. But Alicia did not break: she got a few roles in short films, and then starred in more ambitious projects.

2007 год

2009 год. Кадр из фильма "К чему-то прекрасному"
2009. Frame from the film “something beautiful”

2010/2011 год

In 2012, Alicia has come international recognition: the screens out the new version of “Anna Karenina” by British Director Joe Wright. Vikander played kitty, with her the film starred stars such as keira Knightley (Anna) and Jude law (Karenin).

From this moment life Wicander changed abruptly, and she from a little-known actress became a star of world scale. Alicia began to appear frequently at social events and red carpets, which always look modest and tasteful. The success rate for natural beauty. The actress prefers natural makeup in warm colors and romantic hairstyle without excess decorations and glitter.

2012/2013 год

2013 год

2014/2015 год2014/2015

Favorite beauty tools Alicia – bronzer and highlighter. The first actress gets under the cheekbones, and the second brightens the T-zone and a tick of the upper lip. The eye prefers to paint with shadows brown, and lipstick often chooses bright.

2015 год. Кадр из фильма "Девушка из Дании"
2015. A scene from the movie “Girl from Denmark”

Their long hair Alicia too caring carefully:

I want my hair looking natural and well groomed. I trust your hair to just one specialist. In the past I had errors, so I realized that the hair should only deal with one professional,

— told Vikander.
2016 год. Кадр из фильма "Свет в океане"
2016. A scene from the movie “Light in the ocean”

2016/2017 годы

2016/2017 годы

Alicia itself is quite tiny – a total of 1.66 meters. Thanks to genes and the dancing lessons, the celebrity is always in great shape, but for the filming of the third series of the tomb raider Lara Croft girl had to start to exercise hard to give the muscles the necessary relief.

Previously, I never had a chance to play in action scenes of this level. You can say that I returned to my dance background, so an intense workout, had to endure. You have to control your body and understand all that comes with it. Never could raise its own weight. And the day when I did it, very inspired

— said the actress about filming in the feed.

2017. Кадр из фильма "Тюльпанная лихорадка"
2017. Frame from the film “Tulip fever”

Кадр из фильма "Лара Крофт"
A scene from the movie “Lara Croft”

Now Alicia is one of the most popular Actresses in the world, but she continues to remain true to his principle — naturalness in everything from makeup to clothes. Apparently, that she was attracted to Michael Fassbender, a novel with which the actress began in 2014.

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