Евгений Плющенко выступит вновь 18 марта

The most discussed news last week was the news about the care Evgeny Plushenko the sport. This topic caused a heated discussion among the admirers of talent of figure skater. Later it became known that the athlete will take part in the the farewell tour and still will please its audience. Now we have information when Evgeniy steps on the ice for the first time after the Olympics – the performance will take place on 18 March in the “ice Palace of St. Petersburg.

This news was published on the official website of Plushenko. In the Champions Show and friends” also involved such stars of figure skating, as Irina Slutskaya, johnny Weir, Brian Joubert and Stefan Ламбьель. Recall originally, the first speech was to be held in Izhevsk on March 3, but due to health problems Eugenia date of the start of the tour was postponed.

The organizers of the show, tickets bought on the migrated show valid”. Also the team skater and he bring a “sincere apologies for the inconvenience”.

евгений плющенко вернется на лед 18 марта
Evgeny Plushenko returns n ice 18 March

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