косметика Estee LauderFrom its humble, but attracts attention starting in 1946, the company Estee Lauder has grown into a company-billionaire, whose products are sold worldwide, and advertised in almost all fashionable and women’s magazines that exist. Estee Lauder cosmetics is loved by many and is very popular.



Some moisturizers and serum – the most cutting-edge on the market; excellent sunscreen; some good cleanser for skin tonics, means for the washing; great tools decorative cosmetics, including some creams, concealers, powder, blush, eyeshadow; mostly good pencils for eyes, eyebrows and lips; their sustainable lipstick and gloss lip very good.



косметика Estee LauderMany funds have a strong отдушку; lack of effective remedies for those who are struggling with the rash on the skin; inefficient means of Aha and BHA, the price of many means of Re-Nutriv product range has been inflated compared with less expensive similar tools that manufacturer; some sunscreen and foundations do not have a high enough UV protection; ink and brush yield similar funds from other lines belonging Lauder, such as Bobbi Brown or M.A.C.; excessive release of special funds; packing in cans, not in the tubes.


Range Of Estee Lauder

косметика Estee LauderThe range of products Estee Lauder staggering, and just knocked would be confused if their testers were not so well organized and the staff is so well trained. (Though most of what they say, motivated by the desire to sell, and not worth special attention, they are well versed in a rich assortment of their products).

Probably the biggest achievement of the company is moisturizing creams and serums that determine the level in the valuation of such funds cosmetics. They (as well as some of the company owned by Lauder, such as Clinique) are so far ahead of the other manufacturers in these two areas, that they alone are constantly improving in the field of new research. We can say with certainty that those who are looking for the best moisturizer can safely pass shelves with products Lancome, Chanel, Clarins, Shiseido, Elizabeth Arden and other firms, and stop right in front of the stand with the production Lauder, or other lines belonging Lauder, such as Clinique. Most of what Lauder says about their products, and, in particular, about the flavors, implausible, but when it comes to formulas of their funds, which give the skin what it needs to function optimally, they have no equal.

Despite innovations Lauder, they are not immune from the problem products. Some cleansers contain irritating ingredients, prevails jar packaging, and their means against acne nobody to help cope with rash (indeed, Estee Lauder – not the company, whose products to buy, if the acne is your problem). The company also began to apply the approach like «if you can’t beat them – join them», like many manufacturers accompanied cosmetics, with products aimed at women who are thinking about corrective cosmetic procedures. Some statements (and statistics) about what they can achieve their cosmetics, crossing the border of reality, but most of them contain strong ingredients that can help the skin. They just can’t change the skin as effectively as it can make the cosmetic procedure.

There are more reasons why you should pay attention to the Estee Lauder cosmetics. Their products are (surprisingly) not meet all the needs of the skin, but some lines help the company to remain at the forefront of the industry in which a very strong competition.


Decorative cosmetics Estee Lauder

косметика Estee LauderWhile in the region skin care Estee Lauder has achieved impressive results, the same cannot be said about their decorative cosmetics. Recently they released a surprisingly, a lot of mediocre cosmetics. Of course, there were also some achievements, mainly – foundations, eyeshadow, lipstick. But for a stable world of the brand does not offer anything more would be almost embarrassing.

The worst example is some tonal resources, which lacks an essential UVA protection, or that have SPF below the standard level. For comparison, almost all sunscreen Lauder in this regard at the height. Even more strange is that the sister company Lauder, Clinique, has really been able to combine all these factors, creating toners UVA-protective ingredients, and the prices for this wonderful product.

Despite all the shortcomings, many women will continue to buy products Estee Lauder, and there is reason, though we have not the confidence that has been before. This is a very diverse line of cosmetics with an infinite range. Testers is very convenient for users, staff with enthusiasm and attention to the customers. Without doubt, their products is a brilliant example to show that Lauder is able to raise the bar for their competitors. If only these innovations were always obvious in all the products of this company, there would be little reason to buy cosmetics from other manufacturers, if not to take into account the price.

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