лаки для ногтей ESSIEEach of us chooses the means to care for your body to choose the most suitable options not only in terms of price policy, but also on the composition of funds or of the result. But Kate Middleton in your happiest day in the life to create your image chose varnishes for the nails ESSIE. We on the website Beauty-Hands.ru going to focus not on the beautiful image of the bride, and talk more about lipsticks ESSIE and the brand itself.

History of the brand ESSIE

The company ESSIE was founded in 1981, she became the first of those who were able to provide professional masters resources to care for hands and nails. In addition brand founder allowed to expand women of their understanding of colours and their manicure, focusing not only on natural hues, but also on the fashionable and vibrant colours.

The creation of an Empire has been slow. Essie Weingarten do not fear competition, so she tried not to slowly, feeling the soul and the body in the shades of nail polishes that it created.

лаки для ногтей ESSIE

Originally lipsticks ESSIE were represented only 12 shades. It was also developed 3 series, nail care. Sells its products Essie independently, without spending extra money on advertising and promotion. However, taking into account the quality of the offered products, in advertising brand and not needed. After all, once having lucky «in fact», masters seen their quality, durability and saturation of colors.

Over time, lipsticks ESSIE become one of the most popular tools for flawless manicure among the stars of show business. Moreover, the attention of the consumer attracted not only the amazing quality of coverage, but also the original name of every hue.

In 1993, the company ESSIE acquired the right to a personalized bottle of square shape, which was invented by the founder of the brand. But in 2001, a special form of added and engraving – logo of the company that allowed consumers to judge the authenticity of its contents.

At present the company produces lipsticks ESSIE, presented in 250 exclusive shades, means on care of nails and skin of the hands, as well as a line of accessories. In addition four times in the year basic palette replenished varnishes trendy shades for each season of the year, created taking into account all the trends in the fashion world.

лаки для ногтей ESSIE

Brand news

In 2013, the company ESSIE for the first time on the market of nail art will present a gel lacquer nail under its brand. This technology is just beginning to be popular among professionals and women who aspire to look your best.

The main difference of this product consists in necessity of use of a special lamp, which will be solidification of the material (by type of gel to build). But it will be applied as regular nail Polish.

Lucky-gels for ESSIE nail is a line of products, which includes 36 shades to create the Premier manicure. Interestingly, most of the variation represented in classic red and pink colors. However, a little exotic in here, too, so if you need resistant coating calling hue, and in this case you can find a suitable option.

By the way, about the persistence, if you believe the manufacturer, then stick on nails cover should within two weeks.

лаки для ногтей ESSIE

лаки для ногтей ESSIE

Lipsticks ESSIE: reviews

As we mentioned on the website Beauty-Hands.ru the collection of varnishes from the company ESSIE has long gained a name of professional facilities on the care of nails excellent quality. And what do they say of ordinary women, who prefer doing yourself a manicure at home?

  1. «Суперстойкость. The most unproblematic varnishes, not bubbling away, dries quickly and perfectly stick on nails».
  2. «Pearl lacquer collection!».
  3. «This is a dream, and not just a plain lacquer! Now forever – only ESSIE».

However, and without complaint there. Someone, even remembering classics, says: «ESSIE is not a hero of my novel, and some of the women use varnishes this brand is caused only disappointment».

But if you understand, every woman is an individual and we all make different requirements, even to normal, it would seem, nail Polish. In any case, lipsticks ESSIE – worthy brand that deserves the attention of professionals and ordinary women. It is no wonder that a huge number of Hollywood stars prefers lacquers exactly this brand.

Want to try hypoallergenic lipsticks then our article about them for you.

And only experiencing, we can understand how good tools ESSIE. After all, ambiguous and absolutely opposite opinions of the various content we still do not reveal the full picture.

лаки для ногтей ESSIE

лаки для ногтей ESSIE

лаки для ногтей ESSIE

Yulia Gavrilova for customers Beauty-Hands.ru

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