Care of themselves many girls turn to a daily ritual. But for some reason some hair in daily care look like on the cover, and others more like burnt straw? The fact that there are some mistakes knowing that you can avoid misunderstandings.

The first and most common mistake in hair care – daily shampooing. Of course, wash the head is necessary, but even with healthy hair, this procedure may adversely affect their health. Because my head every day, you can even just colored hair to make dull and lifeless, and in the case of natural hair colors, they become brittle and split. The most correct solution is to shampoo every other day. For example, the experts on the site recommend washing your hair 1 time per 4 days. If you give up daily shampooing is not possible, you can use this trick. Every other procedure instead of shampoo use the conditioner, rubbing it like regular shampoo in scalp and hair. This will help to keep the hair and strengthen the roots.

The second mistake is using an inappropriate brush. If the hair often confused, you need to choose a model with a few teeth, by the way, for the same purpose, ideal for simple scallops. Another mistake that lead to the problem of entanglement of the hair – styling after a shower. After all, if you use the tool on wet hair, has a chance to damage them even more. To avoid such problems in advance, it is best to dry your hair with a towel after a shower and give them time to dry in natural conditions. Particularly relevant this advice for split ends and weak hair, because drying at the wet, weakened hair can aggravate the problem.

Any salon treatments that are contrary to natural human nature, such as dyeing, chemicals, and other manipulations, are harmful to hair. Sometimes they need to recover and heal, to avoid more serious problems, such as seborrhea or ringworm. Some girls are too often change the image and visit the hairdresser, even though experts advise not to overdo the treatments, even masquerading as useful. The most successful time period for relaxation, hair — six months. By the way, even those procedures that are positioning themselves as harmless, such as lamination, is often the cause of more serious problems.

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