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Эрик Трамп сказал, что не считает людьми противников своего отца

Eric Trump

33-year-old Eric trump, in an interview with Fox News channel rigidly responded about the enemy of his father. The youngest son of U.S. President criticized compatriots, condemning nearly every step of the elected head of state.

I’ve never seen such hatred. For me, they aren’t human,– shared his opinion of Eric on those who lead an uncompromising fight with Donald trump.

Эрик Трамп в студии Fox News
Eric trump in the Studio Fox News

It’s so sad. Morality simply disappeared, she flew out the window. As a country we deserve better than all this,– said the President’s son.

Eric said and the representatives of the Democratic party, which, according to trump Jr., the President puts a spoke in the wheel.

Democrats fail. They have no ideas, they have nothing to say, so trying to interfere with my family and the main person in it. They angrily watching us – it’s really terrible, – said Eric trump.

Дональд Трамп с сыновьями
Donald trump sons, Eric and Donald Jr.

Дональд-младший, Эрик и Иванка Трамп
Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka trump


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