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Эммануэль Беар показала в соцсети свою 25-летнюю дочь Нелли Отой

Emmanuel Bear and her daughter Nelly Auteuil

Emmanuel Bear rarely shared with followers on social media images of native people, but this week the 53-year-old actress made an exception and showed in a Instagram diary photos of your 25-year-old daughter Nelly, whose father is actor Daniel Auteuil. In the post star of French cinema, wished the girl a good day and confessed his love, and fans of the celebrities got the chance to see a rare shot.

Nelly is the only native daughter of the actress. The girl’s parents met in 1985 on the film “Love in secret” (L’amour en douce) and lived together until 1995. In 2010, Behar and her second husband Michael Cohen adopted eight-month-old boy named Surafel from Ethiopia.

Followers of Emmanuel Bear in the comments noted that her daughter looked like her – Nellie the same bright blue eyes like mom.

Нелли Отой
Nelly Auteuil

Эммануэль Беар
Emmanuel Bear

Эммануэль Беар

Даниэль Отой
Daniel Auteuil

Source Paris Match

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