Эмма Уотсон о съемках "Ноя": "Нам не разрешалось даже пить воду из бутылок"

Very soon due to be released one of the most anticipated films of the year apocalyptic drama Darren Aronofsky “Noah”. Performer one of the main roles in the film Emma Watson in a recent interview with shared with the public the details of the shooting process.

So, the actress admitted that she was seriously ill while working on the tape. According to the girl, the main reason for her discomfort steel Spartan conditions on the set. The fact that the Director forbade the members of the group use objects that cannot be recycled.

One of the main ideas of the film – concern for the environment, so we were not allowed even to drink water from plastic bottles. All that we used had to be revised in the future. Stay without water bottle on the shootings at five in the morning, when you are very tired and dehydrated, that I would never wished even to the enemy. In addition, the majority of filming started at four in the morning, I was dysfunctional.

Also Watson added that once I decided to try the water that you drink offered Aronofsky:

Once I broke down and drank this water. She waited at least three months and was, at best, from the tap. After that I got seriously ill.However, even feeling bad actress “разжалобило” directed by:

I came the next morning and said: “Darren, I don’t think I can act, I was ill”. He suggested me to use my status for the role. In addition to the lack of clean water on the site and early filming, Emma complained of the heat:

We started to shoot in the summer in new York. Most actors was elaborate makeup, which from the heat literally melted in the face. I don’t know how the men, who wore beards”, passed the shooting.

Evaluate the works of actors and ensure that all their sufferings were not in vain, everyone will be able on March 27, when the picture will be released.

эмма уотсон призналась, что заболела на съемках "ноя"
Emma Watson admitted that became seriously ill on the set of “Noah”

по словам эммы уотсон, причиной стало отсутствие питьевой воды в бутылках на площадке
According to Emma Watson, the reason was the lack of drinking water in bottles at the site

даррен аронофски запрещал актерам пить воду из пластиковых бутылок
Darren Aronofsky forbade actors to drink water from plastic bottles

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