Эмма Стоун и Эндрю Гарфилд на фотоколле "Нового Человека-паука 2"

On the eve in Los Angeles Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx visited фотоколл “The new spider-Man: High voltage” and talked with her fans. Shooting completed in June this year.

Garfield was so pleased with the meeting with fans of the fantasy Thriller that he joked, laughed to himself, and in the end even threw a t-shirt. Jamie Foxx prefer to Tinker with young fans and own daughter Аннализ Bishop.

In the sequel Fox got the role of villain Power of this electric man-condenser. Also, the New spider-Man”, which will be released in 3D, starring Martin sheen and Chris Cooper.

25-year-old Emma stone radiated happiness, posing next to boyfriend Andrew Garfield in a man’s suit and a bright red boat. Note that the last time they were seen together two months ago.

All summer Emma together with Colin Фареллом was busy on the set of “Magic of the moonlight” directed by woody Allen. Garfield, in turn, is prepared to play the role of a priest in a historical drama Martin Scorsese “Silence”.

Let’s remind, Emma and Andrew began a romantic relationship in 2011, during filming of the first part of “Spiderman”.

Premiere of the New spider-Man 2″ is expected in the spring of 2014.

эмма стоун
Emma Stone

эмма стоун-1

эмма стоун-2

Andrew Garfield

эндрю гарфилд

человек паук

джейми фокс
Jamie Foxx

человек паук-1

человек паук-2

человек паук-4

джейми фокс-1

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