Эмилия Жарден-Патерсон: "секретный стилист" герцогини Кэтрин

To christening of Prince George few people knew the name Emilia Jardin-Paterson. However, it turned out that the girl is not only a close friend of the Duchess of Cambridge but her secret stylist”.

Эарден-Paterson has been a designer of interiors, and in his spare time helps the wife of Prince William with a selection of dresses. They are familiar with 13 years.

Virtually all of the latest outfits Catherine were “collected” Emily, including costume from Alexander McQueen, in which the Duchess appeared on baptism.

An informed source says:

Kate delighted by the taste of Emilia and listening to her advice. That, in turn, is trying to “take away” Catherine his much loved family Middleton neutral gamma and teach her interest to bright colors and complex patterns.
By the way, she helps the Dukes of Cambridge and the decor of Kensington Palace. In developing the design of interiors, it follows the same principles as in the drafting of the wardrobe – more color, interesting textures, vintage accessories.

One more detail: the new biography “Kate: the future Queen” is mentioned, that it is Emilia introduced Catherine with William.

тайный стилист герцогини кэтрин - эмилия жарден-патерсон
“Secret stylist” the Duchess Catherine – Emilia Jardin-Paterson

стиль герцогини кэтрин
Duchess Catherine the baptism of the Georg – dressed from Alexander McQueen

стиль герцогини кэтрин
The last secular outputs the Duchess of Cambridge

стиль герцогини кэтрин

Гецогиня Кембриджкая Кэтрин
Outfits Catherine during pregnancy

Гецогиня Кембриджкая Кэтрин

стиль герцогини кэтрин

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