Infrared electric heater concentrated radiation is the electric heater. It consists of wooden, iron or plastic body and heating of the reflector. The essence of his work is that the connected fireplace or electric oven, which can be seen here, ensures the display of air from the inside wall, whereby is formed a heating result. The heat is sent forward and is not lost on the region.

The pros of electric fireplaces consist of the subsequent:

  • small size and light weight, averaging approximately 45kg;
  • heating occurs instantly and in the right amount;
  • no need for chimney or hood;
  • the activity of the heater controlled by the modes of heating;
  • installed relay helps to keep the room temperature stable. So you will not have to spend extra energy;
  • no fire hazard because on the outside it is practically not heated. In this regard, there is no risk of burn;
  • the ability to position anywhere in space, where there is access to the outlet;
  • modern designs give you the opportunity to combine it with any interior;
  • low price.

Certainly, this device has certain disadvantages. For example, with the goal of connecting you will need a dedicated electric line, because the total is not always able to handle this kind of load and traffic will regularly break out. In addition, you need to constantly ventilate the room in which the heater, because his work is done the burning of oxygen and will be very hard to breathe.

The truth of the fire consists of a number of levels, and this affects the price. Coal or wood produce multi-color glass or painted plastic. In the middle of them there is a light that will illuminate the whole picture. The effect of corruption is achieved by using special screens that reflect light. Data economical options do not look realistic, they model only the corruption, but not good flame.

Expensive options which portray the fire, the result supported the difficult concepts reflecting mirrors, strips of foil or silk ribbons. This can help to achieve the greatest similarity with a real fireplace.

So, of course, the advantages of this heater are certainly more, but all the disadvantages can be easily prevented. So if you always wanted to have a fireplace, then in any case it is not necessary to deny yourself this.

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