Эдвард Сноуден украл секретные данные с помощью общедоступных программ

Name Edward Сноудена again on everyone’s lips. According to the latest data, got by our Western colleagues, the ex-employee of the national security Agency, who handed over to representatives of the press thousands of secret documents of the American special services, hacked and stolen data using the simplest of public programs.

Intelligence officials investigating the case Сноудена, stated that the former ЦРУшник used the software for searching, indexing and copying of information.

They also noted that the download is classified documents took place during the working day, until he Snowden engaged in their daily Affairs.

As a result, according to a private report of the Pentagon, a former system administrator NSA stole 1.7 million files, most of the documents of which concerns “vital operations of U.S. army, Navy, Marines and air force.

By the way, an interesting fact is that the attack Сноудена was unrecognized, while the Agency deals with the protection of national security is much more important systems.

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