Chinese painting art, known since ancient times. But it found a new application in the design of nails. Beautiful three-dimensional strokes embody in miniature with different compositions.

Learn the technique and perform nail design Chinese painting is not so simple. For this we need to take a course and of course, practical work will lead to positive results. Start learning should be on paper, on it it is possible to start with a large image that is much easier to perform, and is an inexpensive material that is not a pity to spoil it.

For work will require special flat brushes for manicure in the style of Chinese painting. You can buy them in the store, as in the set and individually. The kit should include brush different width, the length of the pile, and thin drip brush to draw the contour machining. Paint for such a manicure used acrylic – they are strong and dry quickly.

Technics of performance of Chinese painting is applied on the surface of a single brush stroke two colors of ink, which is squeezed out of the palette in a small amount. Then one end of flat brushes dials one-tone paint, and the other side of the brush, the second color. Need more time to hold the brush palette to remove surpluses of a paint and color shade. The boundary between them should be blurred, not pronounced. When you trace out a brushstroke, hand must be solid, so as insecure quivering motion смажут the whole picture. It is acquired by practice. Strokes may be straight, rounded, discontinuous – it depends on the running of the picture, its complexity.

In order that the figure was more refined, it precisely are painted fine droplet tassel on a path, isolated veins of leaves, cause glare on the petals of flowers. Thin brush so you can add a graceful branches, perform the lace pattern or пририсовать spots, wrinkles. All these elements make manicure individual, unique.

Making nail design, painting can be very diverse – flowers, landscapes, abstract patterns, hieroglyphs. Combining different colors, follow some rules. They can be, for example, similar colors, but with different shades of blue and blue, orange and yellow, salad and green. Or colors may be completely contrasting, but in one, cold or warm colours brown and red, violet and green. A classic selection of white and black is always in fashion and always together.

The design of Chinese painting the technique of execution gives a visual volume of the picture, but to decorate manicure accessories here just as appropriate. Sequins, crystals, acrylic powder make the design more complex and interesting.

Combination of different finishes – glossy and Mat, also looks great in the design of nails. If the primary glossy background performed Chinese painting in matte shades – it will be a real masterpiece.

The combination of a French manicure and Chinese painting is also a remarkable manifestation of individuality. Because the drawings you can perform absolutely different, issue only one nail on the arm or all at once.

Beautiful and unusual design looks nail in Chinese painting in the following variant: On each nail draw a rose, but in the different stages of maturity. On the little finger is a Bud on the ring – flower in the least, on the middle finger – richly blossoming rose, and on the index flower with a Bud. On the General background of the whole manicure on hand will look a whole rose garden. In this style, you can perform the pictures where pattern is natural scenery, birds of Paradise, even fruit still-lifes.

When you nail design character, be at least a little to understand what it means. Otherwise you just make laugh people, but to bring harm to themselves, so as to walk with kanji, meaning trouble or disaster, you can have an accident. But put on the nails hieroglyphs with the symbol of strength, beauty, success, health is a safe, beautiful and fashionable.

Chinese topics enjoys great popularity and everything connected with it is firmly embedded in life. Eastern culture is really unusual and interesting. Hieroglyphs themselves beautiful and mysterious. To apply them on the nails can be a thin brush with acrylic paints, and you can gel pen. Only in the latter case, you should follow some nuances: handle must be directly only for manicure nails before applying character thoroughly degrease, figure dry well and to apply to him pinning the clip is not strokes, but промокающими movements. Otherwise gel figure smeared or completely erased.

This manicure looks beautiful and elegant. To go with him to work in the office, on a business meeting. To make it look more elegant and perfectly suited for festive events, you can decorate it rhinestones or sequins.

Eastern theme looks good both for long nails and nails medium length. Lately in General are in Vogue short natural nails replacement наращенным. Manicure Chinese painting completely corresponds to all these innovations.

Beautiful hands and nails is an indispensable condition for the appearance of successful women. Hands are always on the mind and tastefully done manicure is not on the last place to create the image.

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