Well-groomed and beautiful nails attract views and admiration. To answer the question, what exactly should be the nail form, definitely not be. All people are suitable customized various forms of nails.

It is worth noting that sometimes, the girls blindly follow the fashion and not pay attention to the fact that some form of nail them not suitable. For them the main thing – to follow the fashion. But this approach is not fully justified and correct.

Each man is inherent its own form of nails. For example, if a girl with short fingers, she doesn’t give your nails a square shape. This will only make her fingers shorter. Also, if fingers are too strong and dense, do not make too sharp nails – hands in General will look too aggressive. Perfect for such a form of nail – almond-shaped. Therefore, before you decide which forms must be nails, it is necessary to pay attention to the length and elegance of his fingers. Also worth original condition of your nails. The main rule is – if even one nail breaks down, as would not like to have long nails, dub have this broken nail.

It is worth remembering that the nails of different lengths look untidy and careless. The minimum length of the nose portion of the nail should be not less than 1 millimeter. Before you give the correct form of nails, should remember about the types of the correct form of the nail. There are five main forms of nails.

The first oval form. Such nails suitable for girls who have thin and graceful fingers and hand. Any color lacquer of the nails looks very impressive. The next nail shape – square. This form of nail looks nice on long thin fingers. Categorically it is forbidden to give such a form of nails, if fingers are short and plump. Square shape with rounded edges less likely to break and this form is recommended for men. The rounded shape of nails it is better to leave rather short. Typically this form of nails do doctors, chefs. Sharp nails look very extravagant. This manicure is not convenient for everyday wear.

Before attempting to give a form to the nails, must be erased lacquer, to make baths to strengthen the nail. After that, pay attention to the cuticle. You must either cut her or push her around the edges. To make the form nail correct should take into account many nuances. Do all the nails of one of the symmetric form is not as easy as it seems.

There are special techniques and methods to create the correct form of the nails. First of all, you must determine which axis is the main, in giving form to the nail. The main axis – Central, which runs through the middle of the nail. It should be transmitted not only through the nail plate, but across the finger. This is necessary in order for the form was more even. Part of the nail, which are formed when conducting an imaginary axis must be identical. If they are different, the shape of the nail will be uneven.

In the very beginning of the work on the form of the nail should make zapili from two sides. This is done in order not possible to cut any of the parties. When подпиливании nail, make sure that the file did not go from one end to another – it can lead to infringement and flaking of the nail. Each corner of the nail to be worked out until the middle of the plate.

After completion of the procedure, подточите edge of the nail plate. After work, you must give in cool water with lemon juice. Lubricate nails castor oil and massage of hands. Keep in mind that after the completion of manicure, there is a risk of the appearance of burrs. So the next day, spend a procedure for removing arising burrs and lubricate it with cream.

Also, prior to giving shape your nails, it is worth pondering whether to do this process yourself, Il same turn to an expert. After all, it does not say, much easier to make manicure someone. Yourself a manicure ideal is difficult. Most importantly, visualize some form of his nail – then it will be very easy to pick up a nice shape.

Before you decide what forms should be nails, remember that reckless pursuit of fashion may result from the fact that the irregular shape of the nail will spoil the whole aesthetic appearance of the arms.


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