Герцогиня Кэтрин на встрече с актерами в Букингемском дворце

The last days all the public attention is focused on the London there is now undergoing Fashion week yesterday in the capital of “foggy Albion” handed out awards BAFTA and a few hours ago at Buckingham Palace took place the meeting the Queen Elizabeth II figures from the film industry, among which Uma Thurman, Helen Mirren and many others. The Duchess Of Cambridge also present at the reception, as reported previously.

The solemn event was dedicated to the Royal Academy of dramatic art, which is under the patronage of the Queen of great Britain. Elizabeth II personally greeted each guest of honor, and them that night at the Palace gathered no less than 200. After this, the king and the others waited for a few gigs, and then – a luxurious dinner.

During the ceremony the guests of the event discussed the latest news about movies, fun talked and joked. The presenter of the ceremony yesterday BAFTA Stephen fry, who also was seen at the reception, and entertain the Queen of humorous stories.

We offer you to find out who of the celebrities privilege of shaking the hand Elizabeth II and what clothes they have chosen for such an important event.

герцогиня кэтрин и королева елизавета встречают гостей в букингемском дворце
Duchess Catherine and Queen Elizabeth greeted the guests at Buckingham Palace

герцогиня кэтрин
Duchess Catherine

королева елизавета
Queen Elizabeth

ума турман
Uma Thurman

хелен миррен
Helen Mirren

хелена бонэм картер
Helena Bonham Carter

майкл шин
Michael Sheen

рэйф файнс
Ralph Fiennes

стивен фрай
Stephen Fry

харви ванштейн и джорджина чапман
Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman

выступление хелены миррен
Speech By Helen Mirren

герцогиня кэтрин и ума турман
Duchess Catherine and Uma Thurman

герцогиня кэтрин
Duchess Catherine

герцогиня кэтрин и хелена бонэм картер
Duchess Catherine and Helena Bonham Carter

королева елизавета и стивен фрай
Queen Elizabeth and Stephen fry

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