Дрю Бэрримор стала редактором модного сайта

Drew Barrymore became the first celebrity-editor of the site about fashion and beauty Refinery29. Rather, its role is known as editor-at-large, which has no analogues in Russian.

Now, at least, once a month actress will do a post in the author’s blog. The first article has received the name “Sandwich for Breakfast from drew Barrymore, which you want to eat every morning.”

Drew told them about how long learned to cook, and gave signature recipe:

The reason I began to learn to cook – first pregnancy. I realized that not even know how to boil an egg. No, really!

But this is not due to the fact that I did not try. I always believed cooking eating something romantic. Several times I tried to do something, but my cooking experiments ended wry faces of friends: they desperately tried to pronounce on “dish” something cute. Everything I touched the kitchen, turned out not so – no matter how strongly I followed the recipe or cooking show. So I was disappointed and give up. Don’t believe that I was alone. Despite the negative, I continued to carry the culinary conversation.

Another point: I really wanted to be in the kitchen more sexual. Of course, when already learned to cook.

I love soups, pasta, meat and pork tacos.

I cook for my daughter, she eats well – starting with salmon and boiled chicken and ending with fresh vegetables and pasta.

 Commenting on his new position, drew confessed:

When representatives of the Refinery invited me to the team, I thought, “that’s Funny”. I respect their taste. I trust them. My favorite sections – “Where to go” and “How to do it”. I love to read about the life style. They have it all. I want to write about something like “top 10 books for children’, which she read while raising her daughter.

But I’ll never write stories about how to be “amazing.” I was so gorgeous and not-capricious… I don’t remember the last time arranged a dinner party. And even when it was, I don’t prepared herself.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Barrymore said:

Internet my library, I love to explore things. For example, the best places for Breakfast in the city, or old books. I like it when I can trust the site.

Most part of a life I only worked. Real life was somewhere in the back seat”and – cinema production, shooting. Recently work has become less, because I didn’t know how to live in such conditions. Look, when the are filming, you work 18 hours a day, so life is very complicated. I really admire people who are able to balance work and personal life. Although I do not understand how they do it. Now I had outlined for themselves a little bit more time and felt desires, interests and discussions came to the fore.

January 14, drew is publishing a book of photos called “search for it in everything”. When she got into photography?

Exactly 20 years ago, when I was 19, I took an old, tiny automatic camera Yashika and just started doing shots. We had iPhones, not even cell phones. I loved the feeling of the camera in your hands. Then I was presented with a Pentax K1000 on the 25-th birthday, I love it. For the most part, because he allowed to do nice error: too much light in the image and so on. But the photo looked so cool. I learned a lot about how to use film at different speeds. Now life is not like that, I am engaged in a photo already professionally, and not as a hobby. For 20 years I was doing shots of subjects which saw the shape of a heart. Heart – far more than the flower. There is almost zero negative. Life is a double edged sword, all polar. But the flowers and heart – one of the most reliable, amazing things. I adore jokes, but they can be perceived incorrectly. I spent many sleepless nights, thinking: “Damn, I can’t believe it’s so silly joke. Nightmare.”

In addition, now drew waiting the second child. How does this affect the work?

This well. My daughter is always on the first place, I pay her all the time. Any parent would say that to be pregnant and have a child – it’s a great feeling. You’re so tired, but that’s fine.

Let’s remind, recently Barrymore launched a line of cosmetics Beauty Flower.

Chief editor of the portal Christine Barberic said:

Drew has strikingly humane qualities, which suit us and our audience: she’s smart, funny, confident, stylish and born actress… the List could go on. She is a bright example of women Refinery – ambitious, curious, infinitely cool and living a creative life.

We are very glad that drew will share his vision of life and ideas from our readers as an actress always looking for inspiration. This corresponds to how real women want to look and feel.

Invitation drew on a post of the editor-at-large is part of a plan Refinery29 to increase the audience. Now the portal about fashion monthly visited by 10 million unique users. The site also expanded theme and introduced the rubric of health, entertainment and news.

Contract drew Barrymore with the portal is designed for two years with possibility of extension.

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Drew Barrymore for Refinery29

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