рисунок на ногтях карандашамиNail design has long been elevated to the rank of art. Professionals working in the ноготках such masterpieces that simply amazed. Manicure have long chosen acrylic paints for painting the nails, and a couple of years ago, the beauty industry presented on the market and pen. How to put pictures on the nails pencils, tell you now Beauty-Hands.ru.

Set of pencils

For many beginners nail – designers painting the nails seemed a daunting task. With acrylic paints quite difficult to work and unprofessional. Hands are strokes неаккуратны, and the boundary and at all vague. Manufacturers manicure принадлежностеth found the way out of this situation and have offered a fan of unusual nail art special pencils.

In most cases, you are offered a complete set of pencils of different colours, but you can buy them and by the piece. What is this tool? Convenient to acquire the bilateral pencils, having one side of the brush, and with another – the finest pen. With the help of a brush can be applied drops the nails, do thicker lines and paint the elements of drawing. The pen is necessary for прорисовывания subtle touches.

Some girls are not only drawing on nails pencils, but also cover the means of the entire nail. Many reviews eloquently testify that лакирующий pencil dries very quickly and lasts a long time on the nails.

We also recommend that you purchase an adjustment pencil. The creators claim that wash away a fresh picture using conventional wet wipes. This is true, but to remove a small stroke, mistakenly put on a nail is convenient and the thin proofreader. This tool is filled with nail Polish remover and using a thin applicator removes small parts of the image.

Resourceful fans painting the nails confidently replace special pencils ordinary gel pens. It is cheap and convenient, but not so beautiful. To make a professional drawing on nails pencils you need Lac basis, crayons, paints, brushes, lacquer-fixer.

рисунок на ногтях карандашами

Training of nail painting

At this stage there is nothing difficult, you have to perform common actions preceding any manicure.

  1. Rinse off the remnants of varnish.
  2. Adjust the shape of nails nail file.
  3. Grind the surface of nails with the help of a special bar.
  4. Apply a base varnish and let it dry. It should be noted here that the figure on the nails pencils advantageous to look on the bright background.

Now I want to highlight the technique of painting with a pencil using additional tools.

Delicate watercolor

Today is an incredibly popular watercolor drawings. They are characterized by the blurring of lines and translucent paints. Painting in this technique is ideal for a tryst, weddings, graduations, and even set ceremonial and everyday moments of life.

Be sure to purchase a watercolor pencils and nail. Their distinctive feature is that a picture can be slightly shaded with an eraser or water.

Especially important in watercolor floral print looks on nails pencils. It is let’s talk about it next.

  1. For the beginning we draw the contours of the future of flowers pencil. They can in large quantities to cover the entire nail, but more advantageous looks like one big flower. Consider a composition in advance, ready-made stencils can be found online.
  2. Midway petals fill a small strokes.
  3. Take the small brush and moisten it with water. Use a dry cloth to remove excess moisture. Next you need to blur brush strokes drawn pencils.
  4. Using acrylic paints, you can add a picture sharpness and saturation.
  5. Lacquer-fixer finish your masterpiece. Professional masters usually, the gel is applied, that is dried under a UV lamp. In this case the picture will stay on ноготках long.

If you are in a hurry and you need fast dry nail Polish, then you should read our tips.

A masterpiece of fine art

When you will stuff a hand and feel confident in your abilities, you can do more complex picture on the nails pencils. For example, on each ноготке drawn separate episode of the complete picture. At contact of nails gaze presents a stunner. Such work requires certain skills, artistry and long hours of training. But the result is worth it.

Continuing the theme of the flower painting as one of the most simple, it is worth noting that the figure can be executed only with the pencils without the use of paints. You need лакирующие pencils saturated hues that you can draw the outline and fill out the elements of a pattern color. If not to shade line with the water of the drawing will turn out bright and clear. Also do not be afraid to use rhinestones, sequins, flowers and other decorative elements.

рисунок на ногтях карандашами

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