Most women like tiger style in a nail design. Partly because all the ladies – cats in heart and in real life are very fond of all members of this family.

Tiger nail art is a very expressive and unique design creates the impression sexual hunters. Even simple strips on nails tiger style give the appearance of a woman distinctive flair. No self-respecting yourself a lady not imagine himself without a manicure. It must learn to make yourself every girl.

Well groomed hands – the first sign of neatness and cleanliness. Recently beauticians proposed techniques that can help to hide defects and некрасивость natural nails and visually lengthen the fingers. It is about building. Today the most popular are acrylic and gel. Glad and such an invention cosmetic industry as tips.

This artificial nails are made of plastic, transparent and quite durable. They are pasted on natural and processed пилочками so that the edges of the tips were flush with the surface of the nail plate. Both natural and artificial nails, you can decorate in accordance with all kinds of nail design.

If we talk about «style predator», then there are a number of variations of it. At home every woman forces portray tiger drawing on nails. For this we need two different in colour varnish, and a bottle of colourless varnish. The choice here is quite wide: you can make the picture bright and also simple and elegant.

Preparatory process for manicure normal: bath for nails, to soften the cuticles and the skin on his fingers. In recent years, many have abandoned this method, replacing it with the latest cosmetic products, which are applied on the cuticle and after some period of time was easily removed. After this you need to edit directly the nail plate. This is done through files medium grain.

When you are ready to apply the base coat of varnish – the color, which will be drawn strips. After the drawing is complete, you need to complete manicure drawing a finishing covering layer of clear lacquer, and tiger nails – ready. No less attractive and this type of design, as brindle coat. Do it yourself fairly easily. But this will require special stencils for a French manicure, that you can easily buy in the shops of cosmetics.

In addition to this we need 3 lacquer type: basic, for strips, and colorless with sequins. Procedure of manufacturing of French is simple: apply a base coat colour is selected for this purpose. Then superimposed stencil so that he did not close the base of the nail, and was located on its open part. A stencil is applied a second color that you have selected for strips.

And the final point – the finish layer of clear varnish glitter in the place which was not closed cliche. Tiger nail design can be manufactured with the help of ready-made elements, which significantly saves time for drawing manicure and it will look very impressive.

According to psychologists, women who prefer acute nails and tiger or leopard print design nature independent and freedom-loving. Such a lady will always be able to stand up for themselves and not averse to something undermine the enemy using their natural trick. Still, acute and «predatory» claws are devoured by the passionate and creatively gifted ladies. Very suitable tiger manicure for parties and clubs. But at work it will look not quite appropriate.

But if a woman is dressed in the appropriate style, elegant and catchy, this manicure just give the image of completeness. Tiger or other predatory print (snake, leopard) is well-suited to clothing monochrome colors. That is, the more will be the shape of a woman clothes and accessories plain, the more effective will be its «predatory» marigold. This feature can be used in that case when you need to look boldly and sexually.

Ladies with brindle manicure on a subconscious level, others are associated with danger. If a woman is nature soft and hesitant, its appearance will not be in harmony with wild styles of nail design, and as though she was dressed, look this manicure on it will be inappropriate. The Internet at the specialized websites posted by a huge number of photo, tiger nails there are frequent.

You can easily choose your favorite design and make their own. But first you need to take into account the peculiarities of your character and the image to be created, because this style is not suitable for every woman.


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