If your goal is to lose weight, you grueling workouts in the gym will not help you in this on all of 100%. One of the most important aspects in the fight against excess fat is proper nutrition. Remember that your table should be balanced, full and saturated vitamin complexes, minerals, antioxidants and phytoncids.

Правильное питаниеWhat is fat? First of all, for the body is a reserve supply of energy, which, unfortunately, is not used very often as we would like. So we need to lose weight and say goodbye to fat. For it is not worth to come to the training with stuffed to satiety belly – make the body spend fats. Not worth is right before the lessons. Напитайте before training carbohydrates (скушайте buckwheat, oatmeal, vegetables, salads, fruit). This will push for «work» fat, as well as increase the endurance and body.

If you prefer morning training sessions, should eat no more than one Apple or half portions oatmeal 40 minutes prior to exercise. To help cope with the occupation and a Cup of green tea without sugar.

After a workout is not worth anything to eat for two hours. Due to this, and will happen burning excess fat.

Alternative and assistant

Спортивное питаниеHowever, diet, diets, exercises exercises, but often without sports nutrition can not do. Today there are many drugs type of fat burners. Fat burners for women is the desired output for fight obesity. one of the most popular today is considered to be L-carnitine. Slimming L-carnitine is used very often and provides up to an additional 10% of burned fat. Buy L-carnitine better those who are watching their diet and the training system.

L-carnitine is a food Supplement which consists of amino acids and витаминоподобного W substances, which helps to maintain muscle tone and their optimal condition. In nature sources watts are meat products, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, fish. Active additive covers only 10% of the daily intake of the W. In addition, active additive decreases in blood sugar levels, which reduces the feeling of hunger, increases the activity of cells, improves metabolic processes in the body.

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