Диана Крюгер и другие звезды на European Film Awards 2013

On the eve in Berlin hosted the 26th annual awards ceremony of the European film Academy of European Film Awards 2013, which is considered to be European “Oscar”.

Guests awards steel Diane Kruger, Noomi Rapace, Catherine Deneuve, which received an honorary award for his contribution to cinema, Christopher Lambert, Kristin Scott Thomas and many others.

The main award for Best film went to the Italian drama “the Great beauty,” directed by Paolo Sorrentino. In the center of the story – the history of personal crisis, the 65-year-old journalist and писаталя performed by Tony Сервилло, which also received the award for “Best actor”.

By the way, tape Paolo Sorrentino participated in the Cannes film festival, but awards are not received. However, drama received good reviews from critics, сравнивших “Great beauty with the cult painting Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita”.

Note that in the nomination “the Best scenario” won tape “In the house” Francois Ozone. Best European actress was named Belgian Вирле Баетенс, who performed the role in the film “Broken circle”.

Spanish Maestro – Director Pedro Almodovar received a special award “For the contribution into the world cinema”.

Let’s remind, the European film prize has been awarded since 1988 and is held in odd years in Berlin, even in other cities of Europe. In 2003 “the Return” by Andrei Zvyagintsev has won an award in the nomination “Discovery of the year”. The only Russian owner of the main award for best European film was tape Nikita Mikhalkov’s “Urga: Territory of love” in 1993.

диана крюгер
Diane Kruger

диана крюгер-1

нуми рапас
Noomi Rapace

нуми рапас-1

катрин денев
Catherine Deneuve

катрин денев-1

кристин скотт томас
Kristin Scott Thomas

кристин скотт томас-1

кристофер ламберт
Christopher Lambert

педро альмодовар
Pedro Almodovar

франсуа озон
Francois Ozon

тони сервилло
Tony Сервилло

карис ван хоутен
Carice van Хоутен

том шиллинг
Friederike Кемптер and Tom Schilling

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