For girls manicure is not just a way of self-expression or a flight of fancy, it is a unique opportunity to have a beautiful and well-groomed hands are sure everyone will pay attention to. What should we do with short nails?

Not everyone is given by nature to have long and healthy nail plates, so many modern young ladies simply shy of their short nails and hiding them under solid color lacquer pastel colors. But why such complexes, because, as you know, and shortened nail plates can look flashy and impressive.

As is known, such world-famous stars like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Milla Jovovich, Blake lively and Charlize Theron, prefer only the meek nails, and are sure that the design of the nail plates looks just as good. In confirmation of this opinion it is necessary to provide a variety of designs short nails.

The first thing I want to clarify that the nails will look perfectly only if the correct form of pre-manicure and choose the most appropriate for the image and style of composition. If you follow all these rules, even short nails may become subject to universal admiration. So what songs is best to give a preference?

One should first say a few words about the form of the nail. So, oval edge of the nail plates is a compromise, as the ideal for all fingers. And here is in fashion today, square shape looks perfect with only a thin long fingers, but in other cases it will look vulgar and cheap. When the form is selected and manicure completed, you can go on to the actual creation of a unique design.

Of course, on shortened nail plates square shape perfectly looks classic French manicure pastel tones. However, to this simple design for short nails is not recommended, unless, of course, at work there is no strict dress code, or tomorrow need not go to the registry office. The fact that such an option already tiresome, and strict jacket today little surprise. Another thing lunar French, Polish look fresh and not corny. For those who are not in the subject, it is worth Recalling that such a manicure is выкрашенную in light color moon with further remaining coated nail in a darker tone varnish. Strangely enough, but this manicure attracts attention, at the same time looks expensive and elegant. If you wish to diversify you can use rhinestones, sequins, and other decorative elements.

However, one should not be limited only to the lunar jacket, because the original French manicure, you can always pick two custom color combinations of soft porcelain shades, as an option, khaki and gold. Looks such a composition on short ноготках flawlessly, and is perfect for special occasions and everyday life.

If fashionista is an avid supporter of росписных nail coatings, should not be limited to monotone lacquer coatings, and here, for example, almond-shaped form, ideally suited unpretentious thematic drawings and asymmetrical elements of decor. If you talk about the square nail plates, in this case more relevant psychedelic patterns and graphics. Of course, play these songs on the nails will be very difficult to itself, so it is best to apply to the master of manicure on the nail plates will create true masterpieces. But can a manicure and at home?

If a girl does not visit a beauty salon and pictures on the nails creates a self, she can always throw a few bold ideas. Several of these options are presented below.

The first option. «Winter cherry». To obtain such a design does not require a lot of time and special skills in a nail art. It is important to prepare in advance the dark cherry nail Polish, hardener and lacquer-paint decorating with silver sequins. To create such a masterpiece first thing you need to apply one coat of dark lacquer coating and after his final drying of thin brush with varnish-paint perform multiple intersecting lines on the eye. Then apply a layer of fixative, and can be considered a masterpiece ready. For variety, you can use a dark-red or crimson basis, combined with Golden lines.

The second option. «Cherry blossom». In this case, you want to buy pre-transparent, dark, and white varnishes, as well as a fixer and special Shine nail Polish. Having finished all preparatory work, you can go to modeling. The first thing to strike a transparent basis, to a way to get a manicure resistant and durable. After that cover the nail plate with two layers of dark lacquer, and then, using a thin brush to depict twigs. White lacquer paint petals. Then hook to the track, and give your nails to dry.

Third option. «Butterfly». Here is required basis and fixer, brush or toothpick, as well as sand, black, blue and blue varnish coverings. First, apply one coat of sand-varnish on the pre-treated nail plates, and after definitive drying of a thin brush or toothpick to portray the outline of the butterfly on the nail right middle finger. Sketch wings blue lacquer, and black lacquer coating is used for parts. Other nails original floral patterns adorn the blue-black-and-blue colours, not to forget about the last layer of the fixer, without which manicure will not be durable.

So now it is obvious that the beauty of the short nail plates can easily represent not only the professional master of manicure, but also the essential supplies at home.


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