дизайн гелевых ногтейThe extended nails many benefits and there are significant shortcomings. Development of the nail industry to reduce the number of the latter, for example, gel many girls now extend their nails are much more willing than before. In this regard, the design of gel nail becomes even more popular, which is not surprising. Gel build-up gives nails Shine, which is becoming a real decoration, and in combination with original drawings, such nails look even more effectively.

As with many other procedures, with Nate-art people have different relationships. One of the masters prefer to work with acrylic, others with gel. Clients passing through greater artistic design is also different speak about each material. But whatever their individual experiences, gel nails, have some advantages in comparison with acrylic. First, the gel gives the nail plate effulgence that can provide acrylic. Secondly, under a layer of gel nails continue to grow and breathe, especially if applied Biogel. Gloss and transparency of the nail plate from gel extension allows you to combine this technology with many views of nail decoration, as with painting and with a spectacular aquarium design. Most types of gel nail design was to stress the advantages of this capacity, as a gloss is very beautiful.


Aquarium design

Aquarium equipment decorate nails has long been known, but due to the complexity of application is used less and less. Gel nails created for aquarium design, because he is able to conclude in the thickness of the modeling material pieces of fabric, paper, flowers, feathers, and other elements, which are used in this technique.


The alternative French style of the new time

French manicure in its classical interpretation, where beige or pink nail combines white tip never goes out of fashion. But with gel nails you can experiment, choosing the tip with a dark or bright saturated varnish, decorated with sequins or rhinestones, which can be perfectly combined with shining stressful area. You can have a feast decor tip dark-blue, purple, trendy turquoise colors. These colors go well together with transparent nail, if you choose black, grey plain or thin painted views of the tip, then it is just he will look with pink nail.

White, black and pink jacket on the elegantly in especially high demand for weddings, where he is incredibly organically looks together with silver sequins in the form of dust, or larger rhinestones at the hard tip.


Large white flowers on a shining «field» wedding fantasy

Floral painting remains one of the most popular type of design extended nails after the French, but in this fashion observed changes. Previously favorites were small flowers, but then masters started to create the gel nails, large-volume structures with complex modeling and painting, including large petals that can occupy the entire surface of the nail.

Expression design is a matter of the client, but when decorating gel nails should remember one small detail. May the master does not close the tip of the nail platinum fully pattern and leave visible at least a small part is its transparency can not impressive. Especially coupled with contrasting pattern, underscores this effect.


Lace and sequins – tenderness in pride

In nail-art there are designs that do not require a lot of time on вполнении, but look dizzyingly due to its simplicity and use of some of the artistic tricks.

In fashion nail design returned traditional small sparkles (gold and silver), and the novelty was the use of network design, in the form of paintings, and in the form of stickers and applications. Both of these variants of design can really accentuate the beauty and Shine gel nails. Lace and sequins allow акентировать attention to the details and transparency nails, gel, and even more significant will be the effect, if not white or pink lace motifs and invisible small pearl sequins. Prefer black or gray, and see how the transformed your nails.


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