Hands – one of the most vivid indicators of the well-groomed every woman. They should be soft, with perfect silky skin, and, of course, with a perfectly made a manicure.

Nails must be carefully filed down, have a beautiful form suitable to the shape of the finger. However, this is just the basic requirements match which will not be too difficult.

Always want more! For example, whimsical drawings or intricate paintings, executed, of course, on the nails. Nails open up radically new field for creativity, for the opportunity to realize themselves.

Nail art is a relatively recently originated art that allows you to create on the nails of the clients of real masterpieces. Drawings performed nail artists, undoubtedly, delight, and even envy. However, and the cost of such service is quite expensive. Afford the procedure of professional nail art can not every girl, but she can easily master it herself!

First of all you should choose for himself nail design. Lucky for nail art can be bought as a professional shops, and in the most ordinary supermarkets. The difference will be only in their resistance. However, this difference is easily erased when using a fixative. On them, certainly not worth saving! As a fixer is a kind of a guarantee of that carefully designed and implemented manicure live as long as possible.

Before getting started, you need to get all the necessary components. The above varnishes, fixers and drying are the key, but not the only components of such a procedure. The necessary will and special brush for manicure, which make the picture or pattern will be much easier.

Which of the presented in the sale of brushes differ in their size) choose – each of the fair sex solves itself. The only condition is that the naturalness of the bristles, which will be applied to design. No harm will be purchased and plastic false nails, that first hone their skills on them.

Nail art involves the use of not only lacquer coatings, and all kinds of accessories. Sequins, crystals and even small beads here will be very helpful! In the Arsenal of this wizard you can even find decals and pieces of foil! However, their use is important not to overdo it! The nails may be too nalyapistymi checker.

Getting to the procedure of nail art, should take into account the features of his life. If at stake is a business meeting, don’t choose too bright colors, seasoned with sequins. Perfect – the basis of pastel colors, coated with a gentle, barely noticeable drawings.

This composition will look very gently and unobtrusively, decorating the hands of its owner. Appropriate for such cases will and special thermo – lacquer, changing their color depending on temperature. Especially important will be its use in winter period, when the difference between the temperatures indoors and outdoors especially great.

Choosing varnishes for the nails, attention should stop and the so-called ” crack ” varnishes. Drying up, they are unevenly crack, creating on the nail effect of antiquity. For its application does not require any special skills! After all, formed of each finger figure will be unique in itself. The only skill required from those who have such a manicure – sense of color, for right choice of a basis and a decorative layer.

Quite modest, but no less stylish alternative would be use of varnish – enamels, practically any colour. They perfectly fit under any clothing and any event, will not be too nalyapistymi checker or too vulgar. Their drawback is the fragility of the coating. It comes just a few days! But to put a new covering, perhaps in a different color is not a problem.

For holidays or significant events in the world of nail art also will be solved! Lac chameleon evenly and gently lays down on the nail plate, dries quickly and lasts at least a week. It changes its color depending on the angle of light incidence, tilt nail, and even minor changes of the environment. Interestingly, the cost of such varnish practically does not differ from the usual price.

Elegant and festive look will and varnishes with sequins or drawings shiny colors. Both have excessive resistance and ability to remain unchanged for several weeks. However, sequins – enough reclamation solution that will satisfy not every girl.

For many, they already seem slightly out of date and completely not relevant today. This is a rather subjective and has nothing to do with reality! Sequins have the right to exist and, if desired, will open a lot of the most interesting prospects.

Not less specific and will design the red varnish. It is chosen for themselves sufficiently strong personalities, not afraid to be the center of attention. Any color, in tandem with the red, will be guided by the earlier of paint. They will certainly be doomed to success! However, whether is ready to do so by their owner?

Of course, the above ways of nail art is just a drop in the fathomless sea of its capabilities. Freely available today, you can find dozens and other, not less worthy of options that are worth a play. However, they can come up with on their own, thereby, becoming a new subject to follow.

Nobody says that success will come immediately, literally in the first attempt. To find the right motive, will have to work out! However, success is not far off!


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