Every woman should constantly monitor the health and appearance of your nails. Don’t they say that groomed hands is the hallmark of any Charmer. So manicure is worth special attention.

Many women mistakenly believe that the design of the nails on the hands starts with a length themselves nail plates. Actually this is not so because shortened nails and watched as catchy as extra. In this question – quality manicure and choose design.

Strangely enough, but now very popular short fingernails, and a number of fully explainable reasons. First of all, we should clarify that cropped nail plates comfortable to wear and do not require unplanned correction. In addition, care provides smaller expenses and time. That is why design for short nails is the trend this season.

The modern masters of manicure offer the most unexpected compositions on shortened nail plates, which also allow harmoniously complete attention to detail female image. In this case also encouraged the riot of colors and original drawings and trends of the current season maintain the status discerning fashionistas.

So what manicure prefer not to spoil the first impression? There are some taboos, which are important to know before selecting a favorite song. First of all, it is not appropriate to use acid tone, especially in combination with mother of pearl.

In addition, a dangerous combination is lunar French on short nails, because it makes the nail plate more short. Also not forget that before applying figure or solid color varnish coating, it is important to make a manicure.

In General, the design of short nails, photos of which have filled the world wide web can be executed, as in a bright and pastel colours, however, should not stand out and attract attention to himself. What hands on nail plates today the most actual today?

You should begin with the French, the popularity of which does not fade away for many years now. There is an opinion that French manicure is a great option for brides, however, it is not, because this design is appropriate and for a strictly classical, and style for the office. Moreover, choose the French try and young girls, adding his own image of femininity and tenderness. Lunar French for such length of the nail is not relevant, as mentioned above.

Requirements to the French manicure remained the same: the white band at the edge of the nail should be thinner than two millimeters. Today, however, it is possible to diversify already bored many manicure, using for its design bright and saturated colors, sequins and rhinestones.

Such compositions look on nails fresh and catchy, the main thing is the right choice of colors. This season is very fashionable are pink, purple, green, yellow, blue, orange and other youth shades.

But than you can even surprise the short fingernails. Photo design can be found not only on the numerous sites of the world wide web, but in directory manicure. Moreover, it should listen to the opinion of a specialist in the matter, because he knows better.

Here, for example, design under its original name «Balls» is ideal for all along and the female form, the main thing is to determine the color palette. Best for that picture use red basis and colorless droplets, which will create a volume effect.

Also relevant and webs that are known to attract attention to the nail coating. Fine lines is desirable to do contrasting with the main shade, the main thing is not to overdo it with the number. Well in this case combines red basis with white паутинками. It is the shortened nail plates look best of dark and bright varnish coatings, and preference should be given to a cherry, black, blue, orange, yellow, and other positive colors.

As I recall, on the show Prabal Gurung was first demonstrated French with effect потекшей paint, and immediately began the trend of the season. In this composition is best to choose a bright Lac as a basis, and the ink stains represent saturated and bright shades. Of course, this design can be performed at home, but it is better to entrust the hands of a professional.

Colorful manicure with printed pattern, which received the original name of the Ikat print, perfect active and energetic girls who do not cease to Express himself by its spontaneity and original style.

They are used all over the show creativity and imagination, and perform the song on the nails better by means of contrasting bright paints, and brushes of different thickness. Such a bold decision only gaining its momentum, however, strangely enough, many ladies chose the style of manicure.

Stylish notes nude also relevant in the short nail plates, but in this case, the actual use in the design of several shades. Especially effectively the composition looks on the gradient manicure square nails, that is, you want to paint each nail lacquer finish one shade darker or lighter than the previous one. This original version will complement the style of office and boring teacher will make a lover of bold experiments.

And such variations are numerous, but it is better to choose the design for short nails, which is suitable form of shortened plates, internal mood and along that he would complement. Originality and courage of decisions in this matter is to be welcomed.

So now it becomes clear, that is beautiful and striking design of nails. For short nails also has a variety of combinations which succinctly complement the selected image and style.


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